People, Meet Beeple!

To those 'in the know', Beeple has been a source of high quality motion graphics for the past few years. And if you weren't aware of his work, today we're happy to introduce him to you.

Starting in 2007, Mr Mike Winkelmann started making a drawing every day for a year, as he puts it:

to help me get better at different things.
Get better indeed. At the end of each day, he posted these drawings online. As you can expect, not every piece was a masterpiece, but it's amazing to flip through the months and see the changes in style and improvements in techniques.


After that first year, he moved on to the style that made him famous, Cinema 4D, this time focussing on modeling and making a render every day (!). How's that for dedication?

Since then he has moved back and forth between styles, including photography, vector art and of course more C4D.


Of course it was only a matter of time until this hard work would see the light of day as full motion renders as well. A seemingly never-ending source of jaw dropping abstract goodness, all of his work is downloadable via his Vimeo page, often including the C4D source files as well.

Some of his work is now released on the awesome Brainfeeder label, and if you were lucky enough to catch the Flying Lotus/Strangeloop/Timeboy extravaganza 'layer 3', you saw some if his work there as well.

In short, this guy is cool as beans...

In the spirit of sharing is caring, we're giving away a previously unreleased set of Beeple clips. Yup, we're not cutting prices in half, we're completely cutting prices altogether. Free as in birds, everyone can download these clips, even if you intend to use 'em in GrandVJ.

Grab the pack in 480p DXV!

Grab the pack in 720p DXV!

(For those of you who wouldn't recognize a good codec if it hit you in the face, here they are in PhotoJpeg 480p and 720p)

And if that wasn't enough, you can even nab the Cinema 4D source files, and see how the master made the fine art that is this content.

C4D project files

Everyone, meet Beeple. Beeple, meet everyone!

Keep your eye out for more Beeple on our very own footage label in the future!

Posted by Joris on Tuesday January 15, 2013 at 16:05 Tags: Beeple
Comment from cosmowe:

Absolutely great visuals!!! thx

Comment from Basic:

Beeples work has always been amazing! good to see this here!

Comment from leolodreamland:

there's no way i'd ever try to incorporate any beeple stuff into my sets. it's just far too strong a style to even begin to work it in. compliments to the man!

Comment from Basic:

leolodreamland wrote:there's no way i'd ever try to incorporate any beeple stuff into my sets. it's just far too strong a style to even begin to work it in. compliments to the man!
Yeah I don't tend to use anything unless I have made it.

Comment from Vjcheshire:

Beeple = Winning. Some of the best VJ clips around.

Comment from leolodreamland:

Do love the source files to pick apart and use tho.

Comment from jim:

great creator, along with Eyesupply some of the first clips I ever used

Comment from pippy900:

Omg this stuff is amazing

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