Create Visuals with Resolume and Win an Arena License!

Update: Thanks everybody for making this the best thread ever on our forum! Competition is now closed and the winner is announced here.

We love generative visuals. Besides the endless options during live performance, the creative process is different as well. There's something very satisfying about tweaking a parameter and immediately seeing the results. You can get into a creative flow that is not possible when you're stuck waiting for ram previews or play blasts.

We love it so much, we made the CalculatingInfinity loop pack from scratch using nothing but the built-in effects and sources of Resolume. To spread the love we thought we put together a little contest to go with it.

To participate, all you have to do is fire up Resolume and go crazy with the sources, effects and blend modes. Make combinations that you didn't think were possible. Stack effects as high as wedding cake to make something totally new out of that Solid Color. Flip the order of the blend modes and see what comes out. Above all, have fun with it!

Don't think it's possible? Don't know where to start? Here's a tutorial on how to make some tasty content from scratch:

The only rule is simple: you can only use the built-in effects and sources of Resolume. No still images, videos or webcam footage.

Record your output, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and post it as a reply on this thread. Don't forget to Include your .avc as a zipped attachment.

Amaze us. First Runner Up walks away with a brand spanking license of Avenue. The Winner walks away with Arena and gets to release his or her work on the label.

Now go and make us proud!

Posted by Joris on Friday February 1, 2013 at 16:08 Tags: Content
Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:

Drop Shadow??

This should be fun. The first few hours of my nights are always playing with different effects

Comment from Basic:

Yeah this is a really cool Idea. Going to be good to see what people have done.

Can you use version 3 or does it have to be 4?

Comment from Yuckfou157:

*Challenge accepted 8-)

Comment from jim:

Why, would you post a distraction like this, nearly half the shows I do these days are from pure internal, is there a limit on effects to be used as well? ie only the standard collection of Resolume effects and sources?

Comment from jim:

It, kind of rendered a little clunky, might have to revisit in studio for a better copy but at least it's a start to the comp, I plan to put together a couple and post in one AVC once done

Comment from cosmowe:

hmm...never played seriously around with these features. fun!


Comment from nusonik:

made this with a saucerful of effects and pure resolume sources.

Comment from Vjcheshire:

Dont know why the upload came out so grainy but here's the first try...

With watermark Too! YAY~!

Comment from nusonik:

sorry, first link i posted was not totally converted at vimeo. Now you can actually see it


Comment from Vjcheshire:

Two more tests.

Comment from jim:

Nice, I like the RGB Punk

Vjcheshire wrote:Two more tests.

Comment from Vjcheshire:

Last one for today...

Although, I should be posting on youtube since vimeo seems to make them look extremely low def.

Enjoy Sonic Prison.

Comment from cosmowe:

Hmm.. a bit un-smooth because of the frames which were dropped while the resolume recording...but still a visual I think :)


Comment from cosmowe:

May I introduce you...The Resolume 8-Bit Avatar generator... ;)


:D Did you find them all? :-)


Comment from TYLRbass:

Would a video feed sent through effects qualify for this contest?

Comment from cosmowe:

Simon says: The only rule is simple: you can only use the built-in effects and sources of Resolume.


Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:

One of many

Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:


Comment from Vjcheshire:

Another one... RGB Landscape.

Still not as epic on vimeo, but looks killer in 1080p on a 55" flat screen from the comp.

Comment from Vjcheshire:

Eye of the Storm.

Loving the stingy sphere. Haven't ever used it live, but now might start.

Comment from judicator:

My experiments in Resolume. In 1920x1080 looks good i think

Comment from sshv:

Comment from freakiebeat:

These two clips are called Bug Hunt because of the bug I found in Resolume while creating it/them. Bug Hunt #1 is the clip specified by BugHunt.avc when loaded into Resolume without modification. Bug Hunt #2 is the same clip after the project screen resolution was switched from 640x480 to 800x600. Saving the project at the new resolution and reloading produces Bug Hunt #1, so the only way to get the Bug HUnt #2 effect is to load the project with a 640x480 resolution, then upping the resolution to any other setting and NOT saving the project.

The Resolume folks should have fun finding & fixing the problem.

Bug Hunt #1

Bug Hunt #2

Comment from saxelectro:

Real time processing by the sound of Drum to the Video FX (mapping) and Audio FX.
The location of that video capture was at Athens Municipal Symphonic Orchestra rehearsal hall, and the drum belongs to the same orchestra. Many thanks for the support.
Created and performed by Andreas Mourtzoukos (saxelectro)
For more informatiom please visit:
All Rights Reserved

Comment from Joris:

@Freakie Beat. It's not a bug. When you add a Solid Color, it's created at the composition size (640x480). When you then change the composition size, the Solid Color stays at 640x480. Just match its render width and height to have the same output at a different resolution.

Oh, and

CODE: Select all

[youtube]video url goes here[/youtube]

Comment from freakiebeat:

@ goto10 - I would consider it a bug because - If I'm getting output for a particular .avc file and I hit the save project button, then reload the save project back in, I would expect the very same output that I was getting when I hit the save project button... anything else but the the output I was getting previously means that the at the time working parameters were not actually saved as they were being rendered.

Comment from Joris:

If you really want to start this discussion, please open a separate topic.

Comment from digital:snot:

very fun contest ... great way to nudge us out of our creative shell...


really must be viewed in 720p though...320 is nasty :)

it really pops when you animate some of the line parameters (width rotation position and fuzz) and wave parameters to an external audio beat like a bass drum..

Comment from ducasse:

thats mine, im using trial version :(

Comment from Snudis:

Video is called "Primary Vector" by Slinky & Snudis.
Made completely in Resolume using generative effects.

Music added afterwards.
Music is Wavespan "Momentary Bliss" from the Wavespan LP

Comment from carlo19731:

Hi all guys, That's my work for the contest :mrgreen:

Comment from decart:

Comment from decart:

Comment from cosmowe:

A cat makes "miau"...a dog makes "woof"....but what sound does a giraffe make?


Comment from Vjcheshire:

^^^ dang. its like a futuristic pong. Good stuff. So many layers!

Comment from cosmowe:

Image ohh :P Thank you very much. *happy*

// EDIT: I have to say it's a real pity that the resolume record is sooo ehm... Image

Comment from cosmowe:


have fun!

Comment from Vjcheshire:

Lat night renders.

Birth of a Star.

Watch in 1080please.

Comment from HerrNieDa:

Comment from Hypnotist:

Tap the tempo and enjoy.

These are made with demo. Hope it is not problem.

Comment from cosmowe:

Birth of a Star :o ...I was hypnotized!

Comment from carlo19731:

Another attempt of mine for the contest :mrgreen:

Comment from Woody:

Nice work from everybody :D

Comment from freakiebeat:



Comment from nkgw_a:

Comment from Mahlzahn:

This a Demo I´ve made for this contest with Resolume. It´s a dope Program. I think you can see when Videos are created with Resolume, though the possibilities are endless. It´s like an electric guitar wich has it´s own distinguished sound and always sounds different opposed to a piano for example. I don´t know any other Program which can start a flow like it. I can only add the .avc of the mixdown. Hope it´s no problem.

Comment from VJBasil:

made entirely in Resolume 4, syncs to midi bpm this recording synced to Flstudio compo at approx. 80 bpm

this is only 1 of many possibilities with this composition: there are 4 colums with different variations.

Tip: switch on tunnel in the composition pane as this also is synced to the bpm as you can see in the second video

ALSO check my other compo at page 11 of this blog! it is called LOUNGED.. :shock:

rritmic hypno.avc
(151.77 KiB) Downloaded 4482 times

Comment from Joris:

@Mahlzahn. Looking good. To be eligible for the competition you'll need to pick one or two clips and upload them separately with their .avc files though. Just the mixdown doesn't cut it.

@The rest, three days left, y'all. Make it rain!

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Here is some new stuff for you folks. Sometimes Resolume reminds of a beast which needs to be tamed;-)

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Comment from kontrast:

Here is one I've made (with many watermarks at the end...)

Comment from freakiebeat:

Geek Out Hardcore

The title sez it all... havin' some fun geekin' on Resolume !!
The resolution of the clip suffers due to re-encoding foo, but the raw Resolume output looks great.


This clip goes in a different direction. I put it together while listing to the current Hearts of Space ( program.

Note: When re-sizing the project, remember to make the gradient source render size equal to one half the project output size.

Comment from Yuckfou157:

Being late and very busy, I managed to put this together, not expecting anything I needed to upload something because of the "challenge accepted" post on page one... :lol:

And it's pretty impresive to see what others have made...still learning, everyday!

Comment from carlo19731:

another try :mrgreen:

Comment from bart:

Can I also enter the competition? Here is my Harlem Shake generated entirely in Resolume. I'll probably get disqualified for adding audio anyway ;-)

Comment from psychodalien:

Resolume comes closer to become a visual synthesizer. Great! I WISH I had one.
What about my work - it's rendered with resolution of 320x240 so it's better to render it in at least 640x480 (the more the better) if you have enough processor power because the compression kills highly detailed picture.
Good luck guys, nice to see what others make using the same tool!

Just click the columns to play loops.

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Ok, this took me quite a bit to figure out how I could realize my Idea. I had build this kind of sphere before, but then I used two layers and used the spere in the composition channel. This made it impossible however to "include" a background without prerendering the sphere. I managed to created two synced spheres now and played around a little with bright/contrast to make the background not shine through to much. Still I think that the sphere looks smoother with a timeline automatization, though the "effect" comes quite well also, cause blowing speakers usually don´t come smooth;-). If anyone knows a possibility to run the two spheres with timeline in sync, please let me know.

And why bother with "blender"?

Comment from Mahlzahn:

The sky is the limit!

Thanks everyone for the inspiration and motivation.

The Videowall is also a nice tool to get some dynamics. Here are some examples.

Comment from milliebeanz:

I was inspired by all the snow outside. :lol:
Looks better with the raw Resolume files rather than the compression. :?

Comment from aguadulce:

Hi people!,
very nice work here, lots of new ideas!, here it is mine; whatch it at full resolution.., it's a landscape where the loudspeakers are driven by external FFT so play with your favourite music attached to the linein.
In the .avc there are also a few more things to play with in columns 3 and 4.

Big regards!

Comment from Snudis:


Comment from Snudis:



Comment from Vjcheshire:

Inspired by all the other posts, I wanted to see how far I could push some of the masking features as well as the layer routing. To me, this really shows that there is no bounds to this program. The built in functions are so good that you are only limited by your own imagination.

Thanks to all the creators of this program. Truly amazing and innovative.

Comment from psychodalien:

The meditative one:

It's a bit tricky to scale the comp - you should figure out how to do it. Try to change the layer 1 size to the size of composition, the same goes for the wave warp layer and maybe for keystone mask....

Comment from paull:

Here is my offering its all on one layer, its set at 120bpm, but this can ofcourse be changed. Enjoy :D

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vjcontraband:

Comment from rebeloverlay:

had to have a go at this

Comment from freakiebeat:

Be forewarned, the video quality is marginal due to re-encoding foobar - but load in the .avc and watch/play at full resolution. The gradient/line sources will have to be re-sized proportionality if you go to a different project resolution.

In an attempt to make things as transportable to another project as possible, all of the effects and key-mapped variables of 'Global Netz' are contained in one layer router except for the gradient hue changes and the number of lines.

Keymap cheatsheet - "A" (toggle/not really, just on) Auto pilot on / "B" (toggle) Background on-off / "C" (toggle/not really, just off) Cut auto pilot / "E" (mouse) Edge detect / "L" (mouse) Lines number [or] gradient alpha / "O" Opacity of gradient [or] lines / "Z" (mouse) Zooming.

'Global Netz - Static' is the project file in it's initialized state with no variable changes after load-in.

'Global Netz - Dynamic' uses key-mapping to play the project like an instrument... I was listening to Soulacybin when I recorded it.

'Global Netz - Soulacybin' is the dynamic clip set to music - "Ascending Satya" by Soulacybin - click the link below to view

PS> Bug hunt update - the "B" and "C" key-mapping breaks 'Auto Pilot'... and when actuating mouse key-mapping, once the mouse enters the 'Files/Composition/Effects/Sources' area, the key-mapping becomes sticky... to un-stick click the mouse in Mac and press a key for Windows.

Comment from VJ ChrisslyBär:

Hi there,
Hope I got things right on the contest. But to be sure I post the 10 best Loops created with some Music and my two favorites seperately ;)
Sorry for the bad quality ... my laptop is not doing well these days. New ones on the way delivery 3.April :D
Recorded with Resolume 4.0.0. Check check the constructionfile for better video-quality.
10-Loops (Music: Signal Orange - Sun)

The Living Cube

The Cristalin-Blackhole

Cheers and so long folks. Was hell of a funny contest :P
Vj ChrisslyBär

Comment from luwky vj:

Made with resolume only, record and upload . . . :)

Comment from freaher:

This is a sort of Ed Wood´s digital B movie, made in resolume naked soft.

Only Resolume Bb!

Comment from VJ SoulVision:

VJ SoulVision - bouncing Square

Comment from HerrNieDa:

at the later compositions is a dashboard link to use, the "resolume comp14" has 8 composition dashboards to play with ;)

to play it correctly... start column 1, then the feedback in column2 and then the rest of the effect-layers above so that everything plays correctly!

Comment from yuri.elik:

Hello everyone!

There's a lot of good stuff already posted here, but in any case it was a lot of fun to play with it! Actualy, I have found that Resolume 3/4 is quie a workable tool for content creation (for old FreeFrame plugins I use FFRend for this purpose because of its ability to do non-real-time renders and access all parameters). So, here are my entries to the competition. I've made them in 720p, no post-processing, just cut them to make good loops.






Comment from I Like Pi:

Comment from Bioluumi:

I hope I'm not late yet :) I'll just call this "Future bee". I tried reducing the resolution for smoother recording, but it's still quite jagged...

Comment from Faceless:

Mostly playing with mirrors. Great way to learn how to fake a Z-space. \

Comment from StereoMike:

Comment from Bioluumi:

This lonely cosmic owl gets particularly sad if you listen The Cure's "Lovesong" while watching him fly across the endless snow dimension.

Comment from theLABVisuals:

Go on, show it some BPM love.
More to come ...

Comment from smogg:

resolume is pandoras box.avc
contest jippie
(120.66 KiB) Downloaded 3681 times

Comment from milliebeanz:

I couldn't resist having one last go! :lol:

Comment from Sadler:

Liking many of the entries so far - here's a simple one from me...

Comment from psychodalien:

resolume logo )

Comment from Hypnotist:

I had quite burst of inspiration today and here is the result. Numbers are added afterwards in Final Cut to make it more easy to find clip from .avc

As usually everything is tempo synced

column = clip

Comment from delvinius:

Comment from digital:snot:

some last ditch efforts :)

all 9 visuals in one comp.
the names of the clips are the names of the videos...

2 effects are linked to audio files to generate movement. the effects could be just animated, but i like the variation audio offers...

Comment from J Benj:

Here are a couple I made starting with static! You can do both on the avc I am attaching. Just turn on the iterate effect I have on the composition to get the cool prism effect you see here in Butterfly Prism.

J Benj

Comment from aleksey notkin:

Comment from VJBasil:

This Resolume compo is called lounged, it moves in a rather relaxed tempo.
Lounged 1 is done by just selecting the 3rd column in the Resolume window.
The other 2 versions are done partly with the clips in col 1 and 2.
Please notice that column 3 only uses 2 rows, so you can even add something of your own in the lower row of column 3, maybe a live feed from a camera as a background..
The possibilities are once again endless!

Comment from theLABVisuals:

aleksey notkin wrote:
Now I'd like to see the source files for some of these ... (you need it to enter the compo) ...

Comment from xcaliburai:

Eyesupply <3 Resolume :D

Comment from damstraversaz:

Tony_Blend wrote:
aleksey notkin wrote:
Now I'd like to see the source files for some of these ... (you need it to enter the compo) ...
me too !
Mahlzahn, you have upload some really nice works , it could be great to share the source files with us

Comment from aleksey notkin:

Yes, i'm going to add some source files. I need to make a hard decision and select files to share. But i'm going to do it tomorrow, not to cause temptation to use my presets in other works. the contest is still going on.

Comment from Yuckfou157:

I had a little more time on my hands so here's another :)

As you can see, I like bright colours, lines, loops that bang, I make content in two different ways, one for ledscreens and one for beamers, this one without the blueish background would rock on ledscreens 8-)

Comment from yuri.elik:


This one was created using last version of resolume (4.13) using some effects missing in v.3

Comment from Hypnotist:

One more...

I must say this has been really fun :) Resolume really seems more of a videosynth with sampler than just VJ-software.

Comment from carlo19731:

A ball of energy.. :mrgreen:

Comment from Mahlzahn:

And another black and white one. When I create my visuals I try to imagine a dancefloor/large room/hall with 2-3 projectors. It´s important to give visuals a certain atmosphere cause we paint rooms/locations with it. This one might work on a larger stage as well of course. Second clip offers some redshift which erects a little acid touch.

I also added another source file with some nice blow lines. It´s a very simple visual, but stuff like this is essential to create atmosphere I believe.

Comment from Yuckfou157:

Hi all, and especially the Resolume team, contest or not, I want to express my deepest gratitude towards the team for not only mentioning this but also building the damn sources into Resolume.
Coming from VisualJockey Gold in the past I love playing around with soundbased effects and squirky lines and stuff.
My Resolume deck is changing by the hour at the moment, creating new visuals with the stuff that I discovered today, I really love it! so a big THANK YOU to the team and now I'm off, back to my decks :mrgreen:

Comment from aleksey notkin:

Hello!Understanding that one second preview doesn't give a complete view of my clips,
i decided to show a fragment from my live performance also. And as I promised I add some source files.
Here's my .zip with some basic graphic elements,a pair of backgrounds and even CityGenerator - use it with Feedback.

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Can´t see the band though. Hmm...

Comment from Mahlzahn:

This is meant to be aggressive...

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Please open the file to watch in higher res. If you´ve got a good machine set up the res. I´d like to see some super high res vid of this one. So if you do so I´m not sad if you send me a copy.

Comment from dradutu:

most clips have dashboard controls, i changed some with my mouse while recording, you'll do better with controllers or automating them.

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Why is it raining in the digital countryside?
Have a look at the treshold effect with timeline to add some "white".

Comment from yuri.elik:

Couple more bits and pieces done in Arena 4.13



Comment from elektramia:

Comment from Bioluumi:

Here's my last two shots. I tried to go for a warm analogue feeling and ended up full VHS with the first one, the second one I doodled up without anything special in mind. Sorry for the low quality on the videos, I needed to get them uploaded fast with a really slow connection :)

There's some insanely good entries in the competition, I think I'm going to give at least Digital:snot's and
Mahlzahn's compositions a spin next saturday :)

Comment from scottvjguy:

Thanks for a great contest , some really cool entries here .

My submissions. Some single clips and a small vj mix of clips recorded in Resolume with music by Tron Sepia.
I used 6 layers of solids and gradients with animated hue shift and positions then adding identical cube rotate settings to each solid and then staggering the playback . Also more effects like particles , scaled pixels, stripper, flip ,and tunnel

See it all in the playlist , ... Z9wZJLxzwh

I had to leave home before this upload was complete, posting this from a friends . I have a few more pieces I would add and the 2 composition files when I get home. I will add them to the playlist hopefully in time for the deadline. Just realized the title URL is down in the mix video :oops:

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Turn off the sphere in composition channel to center the picture. The attempt was to create a tunnel feeling without using a tunnel. Using three different spheres made it possible to add more rhythm than a tunnel might offer.

Comment from freakiebeat:

With the contest extension, I'm submitting one more - "Drops"

I am currently Internet high-speed bandwidth challenged, so I did some heavy compression of the final video to get it uploaded in time for the contest. I've learned quite a few new things through this contest, but the foremost thing it showed me is that I need to upgrade my capture hardware.

I tried to keep the effects light & simple, using copious amounts of midi mapping to make this project real-time playable. Side note - this project convinced me I can make optical illusion pieces which is something I've been interested in long before running into Resolume. The comp is initialize with layer1 blacked out - just bump the A/B scene slider and un-blackout layer1 to get things going.

Music was included with the clip since the external audio FFT input is used to drive some of the internal effects.

I really had a blast with this contest, and I can't wait to integrate some of this with my existing and future video and still content... thanks to the Resolume folks and all of the contest participants.

Bug Hunt Update: (1) At least with the colorize effect on a layer router, if 'hue' is controlled with external audio FFT, switching to a different stored preset still has external audio FFT enabled and driving the effect, even if not in the switched-to preset. (2) When midi mapping control codes to the 'rotate X/pause' (timeline driven) function of the cube effect, it actually maps to the 'rotate X/random' function instead. Mapping of midi note codes operate properly.

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from vj granda:

Comment from foks:

Hi guys!

Thank you for this wonderful idea of making contest using only built in sources and effects. Personally I explored that this is very powerful thing just by itself already some time ago but just now it allowed me to dig deeper and try to push it to the limits of my machine (until 20fps on MBP late 2011).

So here is the my final best result. I call it RGB Nova Explosion. It is composed of 4 layers of goodness plus one Feedback layer between. Composition has Brightness&Contrast plus Trails (originally ON, in provided file OFF) applied.


::: RGB Nova Explosion :::

Here is the AVC composition file from R4 :::

There are few extras in the compo (renamed to extra 1 to 4). The best four of all what I had. They happen on the way while producing the final result.

extra 1 :::

extra 2 :::

extra 3 :::

extra 4 :::

PS> BTW guys I really struggled with the quality on YouTube or Vimeo. My compo was 720p, used Syphon recorder (less fps drop than with native REC button) with Apple Intermediate Codec on 30fps and 720p, than Adobe Media Encoder CS5 with YouTube Widescreen HD preset, looked decent after all this, but after upload all messed up! Actually watching other guys uploads it looks pretty much all screwed up. Do you have tips? Or maybe it's time to get into some blog post How-to... Not speaking about loosing colours! Had to enhance Saturation by +1 on all...


Comment from Sadler:

A great exercise for learning, sharing and creating. Lovin all the entries so far.
(13.84 KiB) Downloaded 3353 times

Comment from Mahlzahn:

Comment from Mahlzahn:

I´m doing stuff like this a lot

Comment from FeloPava:

I made it with a variation of the same pattern...!

Comment from Mahlzahn:

A nice bloom;-)

Comment from SHQ:

hi 2 all!
thanks for the great motivation to learn something new..
i tried something little different than classic vj loops - its more like digital naivist motion paitings :)
sorry about framerate - my pc handled it only about 8 fps, so i re-rendered it into 30. at the violet composition you must click randomize option few times to get the right face and in the moon comp give some speed to stars for a while ;)
compositions included - its allways first column..hope u like it!

Comment from Liam_Blend:

Wow, some amazing stuff up in the last few days. Here's a few from me, definitely learnt a thing or two about resolume's built in effects capabilities along the way, great competition guys.

Comment from Rene:

Very impressive and inspiring thread! :geek:
(6.7 KiB) Downloaded 3544 times

Comment from Snudis:

damstraversaz wrote:
Tony_Blend wrote:
aleksey notkin wrote:
Now I'd like to see the source files for some of these ... (you need it to enter the compo) ...
me too !
Mahlzahn, you have upload some really nice works , it could be great to share the source files with us
Personally, I preferred the compositions that members had made readily available, I can feel the spirit-of-the-contest better in them.

Comment from Snudis:

jim wrote:It, kind of rendered a little clunky, might have to revisit in studio for a better copy but at least it's a start to the comp, I plan to put together a couple and post in one AVC once done
Good on you Jim for being the first in the pool.

Comment from Snudis:

cosmowe wrote:May I introduce you...The Resolume 8-Bit Avatar generator... ;)

Thanks Cosmowe for posting some really innovative compositions and inspiring us all early in the competition.

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