New Resolume MIDI Controller with Video Buttons and Monitor


Which is the best Midi controller for Resolume? If we had a penny for every time we are asked that question, we would be sipping caipirinhas developing Resolume on a sunny beach island resort.

But now we can finally answer it. This one!

This is a prototype of the upcoming custom Resolume controller that we have developed together with Akai.

It’s got full support for the Midi protocol, but the truly great thing is that it also has video feedback. The buttons are custom OLED buttons, that receive video data via OSC. So you can actually see what’s playing, and see a preview of your clips, with the active clip in full motion. Thumbnails are even updated in realtime when effects are applied.

ResController_01.jpg (59.95 KiB) Viewed 14724 times
All this OSC is actually controlled by the processor of an AR.Drone helicopter. After Bart ’accidentally’ broke ours (by landing it upside down from a first story building), we found out its internal motherboard actually runs Linux. We took this out and put it in the Midi controller with our own custom Linux distribution on it. This allows the controller to receive pixel data wirelessly with little to no delay.
ResController_02.jpg (55.21 KiB) Viewed 14724 times
We truly believe that this is the future of controllerism!

//EDIT April 2nd//
So to prevent people from sending emails asking about this controller two years from now, here's a little making of shot. Check out that duct tape action.
So yes, it was a hoax. Hope you all had a good laugh about it, and see you next year ;)

Posted by bart on Monday April 1, 2013 at 08:51 Tags: April
Comment from svoboda:

hehe nice ;] :)

Comment from Mulky:

Wow it has the MIDI! Does it do "mapping"?

Comment from digital:snot:

definitely will be a perfect companion with the resolume2.4 ipad app!! :)
great video!

Comment from Stickygreen:

looks good, now the next logical questions, price/availability...?

any idea what it's going to cost, plus when might it be available?

Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:

This would be great if it wasn't posted just 10 minutes before April Fool's lol
Akai controller with a Korg in video

Comment from sleepytom:

If Resolume would add CITP / MSEX then we could have thumbnails on existing controllers such as the Avolites Tiger Touch. The majority of popular mediaservers already support this, and it is one of the few areas where Arena is really far behind.

Comment from bart:

sleepytom wrote:If Resolume would add CITP / MSEX
This is on our todo for version 5.

Comment from Stickygreen:

bart didn't say it was a joke.....

so i'm still assuming it's real. even though in the last picture there clearly is a projector pointed straight down at the controller. :lol:

Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:

Maybe if someone worked with Livid Industry to do something ... they make all sorts of custom stuff for some DJs.
Add a little bit of this and it could work!

Comment from LuxViral:

:lol: an AKAI joint venture with a drone-motherpad from korg. The wheel control is for lifting the magic carpet.

Comment from sleepytom:

The text only LCD buttons from NKK cost about $100 each. I have no idea how much the video buttons would cost, needless to say they are too expensive to be seen even in broadcast shotboxes which cost thousands of pounds.

The ability to show thumbnails on a screen which matches the layout of a specific control surface would be the best solution. This wil be possible in resolume 5 with CITP - one could imagine a RaspberryPi communicating with resolume to provide a dynamic gui / thumbnail / preview screen which was matched to a physical control surface.

Comment from skulpture:

Imagine if TouchOSC could accept thumbnails via CITP... that would be pretty cool.

I'd quite happily use my iPad just for triggering videos (with thumbnails), then use hardware for sliders, dials, x fader, etc.

Comment from Joris:

As far as we're concerned, this is the only advantage of using a touch controller over a hardware device in a 'normal' live situation.

Comment from sleepytom:

There is a lot to be said for combination touch screen / physical button controllers, look at pretty much any recent digital sound desk, or lighting console and it will likely feature a touch screen alongside its buttons and knobs.

I'd like to see a way to build function specific guis for touch screens so you could have colour pickers or corner pin effects control for example.


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