Resolume 4.1.7 Released - Resolume Noir

From the files of Resolume, Private Investigator:

"The moment the dame walked in, I knew she meant trouble. I should have never taken the job, but I needed the money. Besides, I'm a sucker for a sweet smile and a twirl of the hips.

I figured it would be an open and shut case of keeping an eye on the husband. Spend a few nights shadowing the guy. Find out where he was spending all his late nights, coming home smelling of expensive liqour and traces of lipstick on his collar.

Turns out there was more to it than that. The dame asked me to check out a gang of bugs. A particularly nasty gang of bugs going by the name of the Shifty Boys.

I found the bugs hanging out in a shady bar called Kernel. I didn't like the looks of them. Not one bit. I took a deep breath, made sure my .45 was loaded. Then I entered the diveā€¦"

Resolume 4.1.7 is a tough as nails PI, that always gets the job done, no matter what.

New Features
[NEW] Enttec USB Pro MK2 support
[NEW] SMPTE input visible in status bar (bottom right)
[NEW] Increase SMPTE input delay compensation to -5000 and +5000 ms
[NEW] Buffered effects (like Trails, RGB Delay and Stop Motion) now flush their buffer after 1 second
New Effects
[NEW] Jitterbug transition - Like TimeSwitcher, only better.
[NEW] Tint - Like Colorize, only better.
[NEW] MirrorQuad - Like Mirror, only better.

Improvements and important bug fixes.
[FIXED] Flash no worky on the Mac
We now include the flash player in the .app bundle so on the mac Resolume does not depend on the flash player that is installed on the system.

[FIXED] Crash when creating new composition, resizing composition and opening midi map
This was a huge thorn in our eye for a long time. Luckily we were finally able to get our hands on a machine that had the problem, and we fixed it up good.

[NEW] Implement latest Enttec DMX USB PRO API (ftd2xx.lib)
This is tech talk that basically means we now speak the same language as Enttec themselves. Entteccian.

[NEW] Layer Opacity 0 = Bypass
When the opacity of a layer is 0 it's not rendered anymore. This can give a huge speed improvement, especially on hi-res compositions with a lot of layers.

Bug Fixes
[FIXED] Strobe effect and plugin do not respect alpha
[FIXED] Hue rotate doesn't like pink
[FIXED] File relocating on PC
[FIXED] Repeatedly triggering a clip with the enter key and receiving midi causes a freeze
[FIXED] Having a slash in comp name doesn't save
[FIXED] Piano mode for beatloopr doesn't really work intuitively
[FIXED] Double clicking a comp file in Finder/Explorer still opens the last loaded comp
[FIXED] Soft-edge with 3 or more overlaps is broken
[FIXED] MIDI is acting weird again ( sigh )
[FIXED] Matrox capture source crashes arena
[FIXED] Windows SHIFT lock SHIT
[FIXED] Video card engine couldn't start when Wait for Vertical Refresh & OpenGL Triple Buffering is On
[FIXED] There's no place like, Dorothy

Posted by Joris on Tuesday September 24, 2013 at 12:00 Tags: update
Comment from Hypnotist:

Seems optimizations are giving results. My performance test with 4.1.6 gave only 23fps as minimum but with 4.1.7 gives minimum of 34,9fps which is quite much better. Nothing has changed in my setup so this is purely resolume related. Dropping two layers to opacity 0 is as same as disabling the layers completely (fps rises same amount) so this improvement really works.

My performance test includes 7 fullhd & hd layers of dvx video + 2 layers of effects.

I must say that this is really the correct way of progress! Thumbs up!

edit: Because this flash problem is hopefully finally solved I start to research flash using possibilities.

Comment from beatfix:

>> [NEW] MirrorQuad - Like Mirror, only better.
>> [NEW] Layer Opacity 0 = Bypass

It's like you read my mind, and magically added the things that I wanted. The layer opacity/bypass is HUGE for my setup. Thanks for continually improving this excellent program!

Comment from yochee:

[FIXED] Windows SHIFT lock SHIT
[FIXED] File relocating on PC
[FIXED] Crash when creating new composition, resizing composition and opening midi map
[NEW] Layer Opacity 0 = Bypass
[NEW] MirrorQuad - Like Mirror, only better

love you guys, bypass is great and i can change the resolution now without loading a new config file now. neato!!

Comment from ronambonfim:

Thanks Team!!! You rock! :D

Comment from gabonacorp:

Is this version fixed the osc output problem?

(when you try to send osc from one resolume to an other it goes to black screen and have to restart to fix that)

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