New FFGLTriangleMX Blend Mode from Oleg Potiy

Suddenly FFGL effects are popping up left and right. From Oleg Potiy comes this wonderful triangle blend mode. Guaranteed to get your visual sets certified by the international hipster community, ready for posting as gifs on Tumblr.

Because we were into triangles before everybody else heard about them.

Oleg explains the idea behind the plugin:

The mixer concept was taken from vj Eps (Vadim Epstein, in[visible] studio, This video was made with his own vj-machine powered by VVVV environment. I thought it would be nice to get the same functionality in Resolume. Since I’m slightly familiar with OpenGL/CPP programming I’ve coded this pattern into FFGL-mixer and released source code and binary on GitHub. Nothing more, really :)
Besides being modest, Oleg used to be an active veejay for 5 years (2006 - 2011) and took part in Kazantip fest in 2008-2009 as part of the Russian vj-crew. He still perform once or twice in a season, but happily for us nowadays he's now concentrating on how things can be turned into software.

Part of his future plans involve more FFGL goodness: he wants to make the geometry in the FFGLTriangleMX user configurable. Also he's planning another effect that takes an input image as geometry profile and extrudes this profile along the depth axis.

But I'm sure he will have to deal with your cries of injustice first, because this plugin is PC only for now.

Read more about the TriangleMX plugin here: or get the direct download from here: ... aster/Bins

Posted by Joris on Thursday March 6, 2014 at 14:26 Tags: FFGL * plugins
Comment from craftycurate:

Look forward to trying this ... unfortunately, the ZIP seems to be corrupted and doesn't unzip. Have tried a couple of times.

Also, where can I find out about these other FFGL plugins which are popping up?

Comment from oleg.potiy:


Looks like some GitHub download problem. I've posted gzipped and rared versions: ... aster/Bins

Here ( ... aster/Docs) you can find a brief concept explanation and usage example.

Anyway, I'll do my best to inform Resolume community about further updates.

Comment from daxx:

Is it possible that the plugin is only working for Windows machines? Working on mac and can't get it to work.

Would love to try it tonight :).

Comment from Joris:

Joris wrote:But I'm sure he will have to deal with your cries of injustice first, because this plugin is PC only for now.

Comment from daxx:

Whoops :)


Comment from dirtyjohn_lv:

This is fun. The volume render is interesting too. Waiting for that!

Comment from TCO:

Hi , the link to rar and zip file is dead/corrupt. can you please re-load.

Comment from Joris:

I don't know how well Oleg follows these forums, it's probably best to contact him directly via the contact address on the github:

Comment from oleg.potiy:

Please, use this Google shared folder in any "cases of GitHub-emergency"(should be accessible for everyone): ... lRzNU9Ib1k

Comment from yochee:

for me its all fine with the github download.

go here ... aster/Bins

klick on gz/rar/zip

and then on "view gz/rar/zip" to download the file

Comment from dandaka:

No OSX version? Because DLL isn't something, that works in OSX.

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