Trigger Resolume Clips With Max for Live

Getting tired of endless MIDI mapping to trigger clips in Resolume with Ableton Live? Checkout these Max for Live patches. These patches translate MIDI notes played in Live to OSC messages for Resolume. This means you do not have to do any complicated & cumbersome MIDI mappings to trigger clips in Resolume.

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M4L-2.gif (12.99 KiB) Viewed 16903 times

We hope you like it too! Let us know. A million thanks go out to Pandelis Diamantides for creating these patches for us. Checkout his music on Facebook.

Posted by bart on Tuesday June 1, 2010 at 12:30 Tags: Ableton * Max for Live
Comment from mfo:

Looks nice!
Does this also work via network? (UDP packages??)
And one more: Maybe even cross-platform (mac -> pc)?
That would be stunning!

Comment from bart:

Yes it does all that. Thanks to the power of OSC!

Comment from mfo:

That sounds even better ;)!

Is there extra software needed? I'm not a networking guru, so as far as I remember, OSC was just a package format. Sending required an extra protocol (UDP?!) and fruther over an ethernet, cross-platform...pfeww, i dunno...just remember the feeling of infinite complexity...
But maybe you've already tried that out???

Comment from Pandelis Diamantides:

...forget the feeling of infinite complexity!!! Those are all-included (no extra software etc. required) super simple-to-use m4l devices. That said, user's manual and "source code" are there to help you use and even expand the devices.

Try them out and let us know!

Comment from mfo:

Wow! I'm deeply impressed.
This is exactly thekind of thing to make life much more easier!
Thanks alot!

Comment from Singing Pics:

This sounds really cool and I tried it right away. Unfortunately there seems to be no connection between Live (8.1.4) and Resolume (trial version). I can make midi work but with OSC nothing happens. :-( Port-# is set identical and both M4L objects sit at their position. But no data reaches Resolume. Any hint what to try to solve this? Thanks.

PS. I've disabled some services in my OS to make my old machine faster during audio processing. Can this be the reason?

Comment from Pandelis Diamantides:

Follow the instructions found @ Resolume m4l devices user's manual that comes with the devices.
If you have everything set up correctly data should reach Resolume!
Did you enabled OSC & Bundles @ Resolume preferences?

The devices save their status every time you save the Ableton Project they are loaded to.
If you have disabled a Resolume m4l device and then saved the Project; the device will be loaded, but will still be disabled...
Make sure that all the Resolume m4l devices are enabled.

Thanks for trying out Resolume m4l devices!

Let us know if this helped you solve the problem,

Comment from pantov:

you must have the osc plugin for max, or it wont work. :o

put OpenSoundControl.mxe and in: :!:

:arrow: C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.0\Cycling '74\max-externals

get it here:

now it works like a charm :idea:

thanx for this neat tool :mrgreen:

Comment from Pandelis Diamantides:

pantov wrote:you must have the osc plugin for max, or it wont work. :o

put OpenSoundControl.mxe and in: :!:

:arrow: C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.0\Cycling '74\max-externals

get it here:

now it works like a charm :idea:

thanx for this neat tool :mrgreen:
Hey! Thanx for mentioning this;
I've "frozen" the devices which according to m4l manual/tutorials supposed to automatically include the necessary Max external object(s) (what you refer here as plug-ins) in order for the devices to function properly.

Anyway, as you say "now it works like a charm"!!!

Let me know if you have any further comments, suggestions etc.
Furthermore, if you know how to program Max/m4l yourself I invite you to dig in the devices and make your own additions. I would support technically any attempt of the kind.

Be creative! Have fun!

Comment from Singing Pics:

pantov wrote:you must have the osc plugin for max, or it wont work. :o
Yoohoo, thanks a lot!! I thought I'm too dumb to make it work. ;-)

Will try it a.s.a.p.!

Comment from Pandelis Diamantides:

Attached the [OpenSoundControl] Max external ("plug-in") for MAC and PC;

download & copy
--> (WIN)
\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 5.0\Cycling '74\max-externals
--> (MAC)
\Applications\Max5\Cycling '74\m4l-externals

more in-depth info here:

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