Resolume Christmas Present 2010: FFGL Fireworks Plugin

Because we love you all so much we want to give you all a nice Christmas present again. This year it's a FFGL Fireworks plugin made by our programmer Daniel Berio. Not only do you get a nice display of fireworks from this plugin but we decided to program it using our FreeFrame openFrameworks wrapper and release the source code as well. We hope this will inspire some of you to learn FFGL programming during those long dark December nights.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 20!!

The Resolume Team
Edwin & Bart & Dani & Tim & Joris

Download Windows ...

Download Mac OS X ...

Source code ... tycles/src

Posted by bart on Monday December 13, 2010 at 15:11 Tags: FreeFrame * openFrameworks
Comment from ethyleneglycol:

Thank you. Merry Christmas to you as well.

Comment from arnovj:

Wow.... just what the doctor ordered for my New Years Eve VJ Gig.
Thanks a billion..

Comment from Basic:

very nice! thanks guys and its good to have a new plugin! Fireworks are always needed :)

Comment from Rene:

Thanks! ;)

Comment from rxfromparis:

thx guys !!! and a happy Xmas saison to all :ugeek:

Comment from phreakhead:

Wow, awesome! I've been wondering how to write my own Freeframe plugins for Resolume, and I've also wanted to get into OpenFrameworks, so this is perfect for me! Thanks!

Comment from G4jima:


Im struggling to find the appropriate place to post this, but i have the problem that the FFGL effects do not show up in Resolume... do i need the developer tools installed on my macbook for them to work? i cannot find any information with regards to getting these effects to work.

Kind Regards


Comment from drand48:

It should be enough to copy the .bundle file into the plugins/vfx folder

Comment from vdmokstati:

does the FFGLFireworks.dll have a source code with it?

Comment from drand48:

You can browse the source code in the link given in the blog post,
or download the FFGL openframeworks addon that contains also the source code for the plugin here :

Comment from dim_2007:

I don't understand how to start working with plugin like this.
I do see this plugin in the sources folder but when I copy it to the other video clip, it's just replace it.
So, do I need to add lines or something like this?
How does this animal work?

Comment from DHoude:

Is anybody getting an issue with this plugin on Arena 5? My Log file says:

Load plugin: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Resolume Arena 5\FFGL Plugins\FFGLFireWorks.dll
Load failed

Comment from Sadler:

You'll be missing some dependent DLLs. Possibly MS VC runtime, Free lib or zlib.

Comment from DHoude:

Well, really red in the face now. I have tried to copy those back over a few times... My actual problem?

I forgot that Fireworks is under Sources and not Effects. :oops:

Thank you for the help.

Comment from DHoude:

Any chance this one might be updated for 64 bit? I loved this Fireworks and the Snowy effect.

Comment from Shamai:

i followed the .txt instructions and nothing shows up in resolume

Comment from Joris:

Any chance this one might be updated for 64 bit? I loved this Fireworks and the Snowy effect.
I'm taking a stab at getting rid of all the openFrameworks crud in Fireworks and now I'm crying.
i followed the .txt instructions and nothing shows up in resolume
This plugin is 32 bit. Resolume 6 requires 64 bit plugins.

Comment from DHoude:

Thanks for having a look at it as I am sure there are many other pressing things. I can only imagine how different things were 7 years ago. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. I owe you one if you are ever in the US regardless of outcome.

Comment from Joris:

I ported Fireworks to 'normal' FFGL and added the source code to the repository on Github. FFGL is pretty powerful.

Just interested in the 64 bit plugins? Downloads are here:

Comment from DHoude:

Very awesome, thank you so much! Works great.

Comment from Shamai:

is this where im supposed to put the FFGLFireWorks.dll
C:\Program Files\Resolume Arena 6\plugins\vfx

its not showing up in resolume

Comment from DHoude:

They tend to recommend C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Resolume Arena 6\Extra Effects . But you also need to set that folder up in Resolume -> Preferences -> Video.

This can really be any folder. But if you like to back up your shows, it is easy to also put your extra effects under the above folder. Then you can just back up the "My Documents" folder, or at least your Resolume folder and all your extra files will be in one spot. Just make sure to point Resolume to that folder in the preferences.

I actually though I remember that R6 was supposed to automatically look at that folder. I don't think that feature was added though.

Good luck!

Comment from Joris:

They tend to recommend C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Resolume Arena 6\Extra Effects . But you also need to set that folder up in Resolume -> Preferences -> Video.
This folder is always scanned during startup. This happens automagically, so you don't see it in the list.

Comment from DHoude:

Awesome, I can't remember why I thought I had to add it. At the time I knew that was supposed to just work. Either way it was not hard to add and a good fundamental lesson of using settings. :D

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