Idiron AV: Max4Live patches for Resolume

Anyone that has been VJ'ing for more than 5 minutes will have at some point or other asked themselves: how do I make this visual fit the music? Regardless of whether you're making full-on AV sets, or banging out the lumens in a club to somebody else's tune, matching the visuals to the music is what stands a VJ apart from a WinAmp visualizer.

Enter Gilbert Sinnott, the man behind Idiron AV. Gilbert spent a lot of time thinking about how to match audio to visuals, and vice versa. In fact he graduated on the subject in his final year of studying Multimedia Design + Tech BSc at Brunel University in 2010. After finishing his studies, he developed this concept into a complete set of tools for creating, syncing and performing with audio and visuals as a unified whole. He called this project Idiron AV, and you can see it in action below.

Gilbert's research took him further than just techniques as audio FFT and midi sync, although of course they feature heavily as well. He also developed concepts regarding what sort of content should be used, and how to best control it.

Best of all, he's not afraid to share with the other kids in the visual playground.

He developed a comprehensive set of Max4Live patches, that allow you to send FFT data from Ableton straight to Resolume via OSC. With these you get some really cool ways of linking FFT and midi data from Ableton to the timeline in Resolume. By an ingenious way of using the dashboard as an intermediary you have plenty of options to configure the sync to your own specific needs as well. To help get you started Gilbert even provides a little tutorial video.

Aside from the Max4Live patches, he's using some custom TouchOSC patches to control the whole performance, which you can also download from his site. So head on over to for more info, and of course to download these handy tools. Don't forget to check out Gilbert's other music, and to leave a thank you and/or donation while you're there!

Posted by Joris on Wednesday February 2, 2011 at 14:09 Tags: Max for Live
Comment from Agent Orange:

Has anyone successfully used the fft to osc patch?

All my other max 4 live patches seem to be working ok, but when I load this one, it doesn't show the FFT units:

If I click where they should be, live crashes.
I just did a library repair to make sure all my max 4 live stuff is in order, and tested some other patches that all worked flawlessly.

I emailed Idiron with no response... any ideas?

Comment from Basic:

very nice!

Comment from LUX.visuals:

It looks really great... but I got the same problem as Agent Orange. It doesn't show the FFt's and crashes when i click in the bottom. Anyone with suggestions?

Comment from Joris:

Hmmm. I've contacted gilbert as well. Let's see if he has any words of wisdom on this...

Comment from idiron:

Yo. I think I may have failed to wrap the bPatchers (which are each individual FFT unit) inside the entire patch. Gizzus a minute...

Comment from idiron:

OK, had a quick look and I'd forgotten to hit 'freeze' after making some changes the other day. Try re-downloading the patches, or the single patch here: ... %20r1.amxd

Let me know if the problem persists...

Comment from LUX.visuals:

Seems to be working... no time to check the whole thing out, will do that tomorrow :)

Many thanks for the quick response and sharing such a great tool!!!


Comment from Agent Orange:

Thanks for the update.

Everything's working well. Except I had to leave bundles off for Resolume to receive the OSC properly.

Only thing I'd add is the ability to route to the composition effects/dashboard.

Thanks again!

Comment from leolodreamland:

this is brilliant for the av material i've been working towards. been sending video via syphon out from max4live too. this adds some great functionality to my max4live arsenal as well as some inspiration for creating my own patches...

Comment from newfuturenow:

Firstly, thanks so much for developing this great way of operating resolume.
I do need some more advice tho' as I am receiving very slow response when using the fft to midi & osc patch.
How many parameters are folk managing to control and still get away with a trouble free OSC ?
Right now I have 3 controlled effects on one layer and one transport control on another and the OSC is very slow. I did some tests, thinking perhaps this is to do with me using only one laptop, so I used two separate laptops, one for each software and hooked them via ethernet - the outcome was still the same. I also checked the osc with udp recieve in a maxmsp patch and all the data was being read very smoothly so I can only assume it is getting stuck at resolume ?
I have also noticed that bundles has to be off to receive any signal at all and that dashboard link 3 for each layer doesnt pick up a signal even in maxmsp. I hope there is something I am missing here? as I really want this to work . .

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