Resolume Avenue 3 released

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Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by bart »

Resolume Avenue 3 is out of beta and available now! Download here, manual there and checkout the release notes below. In short, it's good, we like it, we're happy ;-) Make sure you do not miss our new DXV Codec, it's much faster than any other codec.

Stability Stability Stability
If you tried the beta you probably experienced a few crashes. ;-) That's fixed. Resolume 3.0.0 is totally stable and if you do experience a crash, we want to know about it:
Stability has been our main concern with this release so we have put a lot of time and effort into making Avenue as reliable as possible. Because we put so much time into this we had to push Flash playback and audio recording to a later release. So next on our todo is Flash playback and we will make this available as a free update.

DXV Codec
Our new DXV QuickTime video codec is the fastest codec available for Resolume. It let's you work effortlessly with a lot of layers and high resolution video. Because it does all the playback on the videocard's GPU it's faster than any other codec. Checkout all the details:

Audio Analysis
Resolume 3 can now do audio FFT analysis to make any parameter bounce to the music. Animate the size, rotation or position of a clip or make effects dance to the beat.

More effects
Thanks to Dan Kent from Syzygy Resolume 3 now includes a lot more effects: Fragment, Goo, Iterate, Kaleidoscope, Point grid, Recolour, RadialBlur, Ripples, Stripper, Tunnel (YEAH!), VideoWall & Vignette.

Transport controls on the layers
The Forward, Backward, Pause and Random buttons are back where they belong! Due to popular demand we added transport controls to the layers so it works more like Resolume 2. By default they are hidden so before you panic you should just make them visible by choosing "Show Layer Transport Controls" in the View menu.

MIDI & Keyboard Mapping Changed
The Contextual and Direct MIDI and Keyboard mapping was confusing so we changed it to Application and Composition mapping. Also, If you want your midi and keyboard shortcuts working the Resolume 2 way then go for Application mapping and select the focus to Deck in the mapping panel.

Localized Interface
The Resolume 3 interface is now localized to English, Dutch and German. More languages coming.

Other small improvements
#226 Keyboard and MIDI shortcuts for In and Out points
#501 Corresponding clip is now shown in the clip panel when a layer is selected
#503 Speed sliders more sensitive at low values
#422 Only highlight non empty clips in Composition mapping
#463 Enable Beat-snap for all clips (not only the ones in bpm-sync mode)
#456 Swap clips instead of replace when moving in the deck
#407 Shortcuts on transport controls should work on Timeline and BPM mode
#428 Keyboard mapping, check for reserved shortcuts like ctrl + s
#416 Add global VU meter
#228 Show FFGL plugin description and about info
#414 Insert recordings into first empty clip
#405 Shortcut for MIDI (ctrl + shift + m) and Keyboard mapping (ctrl + shift + k)
#404 Shortcut for Composition Settings (ctrl + shift + c)
#388 Tap Resync Pause in Application Key/MIDI Mapping

Fixed Bugs
#486 [fixed] Sometimes decks aren't loaded
#369 [fixed] Decks are often in wrong order when loaded
#303 [fixed] Order of deck tabs is different from order in composition list
#368 [fixed] Avenue crashes when changing decks
#418 [fixed] 0 byte record bug
#500 [fixed] Thumbnails aren't always shown
#513 [fixed] Windows:In and out points disappear when creating a really small loop
#494 [fixed] Previewing a playing clip does not always work
#492 [fixed] Bottom layer visible even when opacity is 0
#496 [fixed] crash when loading clips with opendml codec
#478 [fixed] Memory leak when triggering audio clips
#425 [fixed] MIDI devices cannot be turned off
#415 [fixed] Clips stopping on bottom layer when not registered
#335 [fixed] When triggering audio clips very fast avenue crashes
#458 [fixed] Non power of two videos are distorted
#457 [fixed] Layer MIDI Composition mapping are not stored
#455 [fixed] Editing Video or Audio effects directories doesn't always work
#450 [fixed] Quicklook window can't be dismissed
#299 [fixed] Crossfader position not saved correctly in composition
#305 [fixed] Previewing a clip that is already playing causes a glitch
#417 [fixed] Show/Hide Help is not stored
#296 [fixed] BPM should start counting at 1 not 0
#329 [fixed] Selecting a clip doesn't allways update the clip property panel correctly.
#297 [fixed] BPM Pause stops video clips in BPM sync mode but not audio clips
#412 [fixed] loading pictures as maks often crashes when linestride is bigger then width*3 or width*4
#381 [fixed] Mask are mirrored
#410 [fixed] Memory leak in file browser when set to thumbnail mode
#398 [fixed] Browsers overlap the panels when the help component is not visible
#135 [fixed] OSX: Old frame of a clip is shown when a clip is triggered
#372 [fixed] In and Out points of sliders are sometimes impossible to move
#325 [fixed] Pictures leave trails when zooming or rotating
#271 [fixed] Advanced screen setup, dragging screen can crash Avenue
#320 [fixed] SoundCard doesn't list all outputs
#366 [fixed] Bug in selecting display area in advanced screensetup when using normal power of two textures
#364 [fixed] Parameter linked to bpm does not remember amount of beats
#348 [fixed] Windows: ASIO devices don't always work
#326 [fixed] OSX: OSC doesn't always work
#338 [fixed] OSX: Clip thumbnail not taken at 5%
#346 [fixed] OSX: DV codec in quicktime movie is not displayed correctly
#327 [fixed] Pixels in Space does not work on clip or layer
#309 [fixed] Effect presets with timeline do not animate when loaded

+ loads more small bug fixes that made our life miserable.

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by DrMazoola »

Woo-hoo! Best news I've heard all year! (Well, second-best, after my having stumbled into a phat contract doing process automation for a well-heeled governmental contractor -- a gig that should allow me to continue to indulge my tastes in fast chips and loose women.) Looks like I know where *this* weekend is headed.
Thanks, guys!

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by luz »

good work guys!
you deserve a break!
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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by cznickesz »

Nice to hear or read.... good work, but:

Doooh, still no Flash support.... so it´s gonna be a full year after i bought this thing (July last year or such!), ´til i finally can use it !?

I can´t really enjoy the "final" release and still have to use R2.4 for another long time as it seems.

I guess i´ll retire as a VJ anyhow, so who cares :-)

Cheers, C

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by mikkel »


expecially the codec ;-)

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by GeeEs »

I'm gonna stay at home this weekend :D
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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by craftycurate »

Nice one ... hoping to try it out this week. Cheers!
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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by myogenic »

any suggestions on settings for the new codec?

i'm currently rendering a 30 sec clip and its going to take 30 mins!!

using fcp quality setting of 95%, PAL

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by nikon »

lots of crashes when i try to enable osc on late 2008 basic macbook pro wanted to test touchosc

and realy make this program like vdmx or module8 so people can move interface were they want this self scaling preview window makes me sic rest of the program is ok but nothing new realy until i see some real imba things 300e for 1 license is to much for me

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3 released

Post by pfelberg »

YEAH!!! Great job guys!!!
Still no Flash thoug... Anyway now I know it is your top priority.: )
If you need any flash testing I am up for it.

Cogratullations to the Resolume Team.

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