Awesome video helmet

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Awesome video helmet

Post by Joris »

This video has already been making the rounds on the Interwebs, but we couldn't resist showing it here again:

The helmet, made by Terrence Scoville consists of a classic Macintosh Plus bought on eBay, stripped of its innards, and an iPad slid in the front to replace the screen. Add some electroluminescent material, and you've got one kick ass helmet.

The interesting part for fans of all things Resolume is that the projections in the background are being run on Resolume Avenue, controlled by a midi keyboard and a WiiMote.

It's actually heart warming to read that in this time of AV sets and super tight midi syncing, the visuals on the iPad and on the background screens were actually started by pressing the two play buttons simultaneously :D Old-school!


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Re: Awesome video helmet

Post by kidchameleon »

Hey guys! I'm Kid Chameleon, the DJ in this video and I would just like to thank you for posting this story. We love your program very much and are finding new things every day. I was wondering if you know of any better way to sync the visuals on the iPad with the visuals on the projectors? We don't want to be old school anymore! Also, if there are any venues out there looking for an artist.. I've been wanting to visit Holland for a long time, haha. I have family that I've been meaning to visit. :geek:

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Re: Awesome video helmet

Post by VJ Rhett Bice »

No doubt in the crowd as to who is controlling the visuals there. Can he see out?

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