OSC issue

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OSC issue

Post by dmnik111 »

Hello! I have some troubles with resolume synchronization between two computers. The target - to control from master to slave computer. i Have 8 projectors, 4 outputs from main and 4 outputs from slave. I connect it by osc, it's ok, while i try to control resolume with 1 layer. But i need to have 1 layer on main and 2 layers on slave. When i try to control salve with 2 layers, it full anarchy. sometime, no output at controlled output, sometime layer size can change to size composition of main computer. and so on. Is it feature of resolume, or my curved hands?)
is there some another ways to control resolume? In future i'd like to control more than one computer? is there some desigions for this?

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Re: OSC issue

Post by drazkers »

The developers have mentioned that this method doesn't work. You need another program like touch designer/max/OF/ect to control both. I'm assuming res5 fixes this. If you search the forums you'll find some programs that handle this.

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Re: OSC issue

Post by Zoltán »

there are some issues indeed in directly connecting two resolume instances via osc.

You will need a bridge between the two, with message filtering, depending on which parameters you are controlling the master.

If you just launch columns, then you could try the one I made, link is below.
It passes transtion times, bpm, play/pause, resync, and deck change.
You can control multiple resolume instances across network directly with it.
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Re: OSC issue

Post by Oaktown »

Controlling two computers running Resolume using OSC requires the ability to multicast so that each computer has its own IP address on the network.

Once you've named your nodes and enabled multicasting, you should have no problems controlling multiple computers running Resolume independently and even other software at the same time on the same computers or other computers. You just need to carefully plan your ports on each computer to avoid conflicts.

I've used Vezer (http://vezerapp.hu/) to control multiple computers/softwares successfully but I know there are other programs that can do that.

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