Resolume 7.0.5 with NDI 4 tools crashes

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Resolume 7.0.5 with NDI 4 tools crashes

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When I'm installing NDI 4, Resolume 7.0.5 crash on opening. When I uninstall it, Resolume 7.0.5 opens ok. Do you know what could cause this? (I just sent you the crash report)


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Re: Resolume 7.0.5 with NDI 4 tools crashes

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Looks like the crash happened in Processing_NDI_Plugins_IPCam_x64.dll
This is installed by the NDI tools v4 installer, so there is not much we can do about it.
It seems Resolume is trying to open this on startup, then the driver crashes and takes Resolume with it.

Try uninstalling NDI4, and then re-installing without the ipcam plugin option (Virtual input integration for skype...) This does still place the dll, but it might not get loaded.
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