Fade time between clips via GrandMA

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Fade time between clips via GrandMA

Post by lighting123 »

Hello forum friends,

I am running Arena 6 via a GrandMA2 lighting console. I am trying to figure out the best way to set the transition time between clips.

I'd love to be able to set a duration fade time into each clip via Resolume, and then when I trigger via macro's on the MA have it recall the fade time I set per clip. Is there a way to do that?

The current workaround is to manually change the transition time from the console, but it's not 1to1, so it's always random numbers to get a clean 3-10 second fade. It also adds an unnecessary amount of programming time on the console, rather than setting it on Resolume and letting it do it's thing.

Any and all tips for how you accomplish this is appreciated! Thanks.

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Re: Fade time between clips via GrandMA

Post by Zoltán »

Setting layer transition time from a clip is not possible currently.

Using different layers with different transition times, or programming the transition time change on the console could help.
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