iMac Pro Output Stuttering

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iMac Pro Output Stuttering

Post by LegitJesseee »

Hey guys,

I'm been having this problem for about a year now. I'm running Resolume on an iMac Pro and the output will continuously stutter every 6-7 seconds for about 10 frames. At first, we thought it was something in the signal chain but it is the computer itself as the Output Monitor reflects this stutter.

After doing some research I found that Resolume had some driver issues with Catalina, but users reported that it was fixed with an update.

In my testing, I've also noticed that this issue only happens when multiple displays are connected, which corresponds to this issue ( However, users have reported that this issue was fixed with a system update too. When I plug in my Razer Blade running windows, output is fine.

Bootcamping windows seems to work fine too, but I'd rather stay on MacOS if possible.

All my content is rendered as DXV3 and GPU/CPU usage both also seem extremely excessive for what I'm trying to do.

I'm at my wits end with this, any help would be appreciated.

Mac OS version: 10.15.6
Resolume version: 7.2.1 rev 70674
Composition size: 3840x1080 (horizontal half of 4k)

iMac Pro specs:
3ghz 10-core Intel Xeon W
32gb 2666MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro Vega 64 16gb

The image is split in 2 by the 4x4 and restitched together in the carbonite as 2 outputs, because our carbonite doesn't support 4k.

iMac Pro -> Apple Multiport AV adapter -> hdmi -> datapath 4x4 -> (2) sdi -> Ross Carbonite -> (2) sdi -> (2) image pro jr -> (2) Novastar -> (2) LED walls

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Re: iMac Pro Output Stuttering

Post by Zoltán »

If you enable show display info in the Resolume output menu, what do the GFX and Renderer lines say on your outputs?

Have you tried a HDCP stripper yet as the other threads suggested, or connecting the output to a TV, or regular Monitor?
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