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VSync causing frames to be divided across outputs

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 18:39
by mwebb9413
Hello all,

I have currently been doing some tests to boost fps, and decided to disable VSync. However, before I did this, I began to notice a strange occurrence. It seems that resolume is divided my fps across the screens, instead of having them all be the same. The reason I say this, is because as I added screens, my fps would be halved each time, but like locked to the number. It seemed intentional.

1 engaged output in the Adv Output gave me a solid 60 fps.
2 engaged outputs gave me 30 fps.
3 engaged outputs gave me 20 fps.
4 engaged outputs gave me 15 fps.

In all instances, the 60 was divided by the number of screens engaged. This is coming straight off a graphics card. However, when I disabled Vsync, this stopped happening. However, the FPS is now way way too high, unnecessarily so. Any insights or thoughts for me here?

Re: VSync causing frames to be divided across outputs

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 15:21
by Zoltán
Looks like you're running into what your GPU can do.

Do you have all outputs connected to the renderer card directly?
If you enable show display info in the Output menu, the GFX, and Renderer lines on your output should say the same GPU.

Which GPU do you have?