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60 fps composition for 30 fps graphics?

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 18:48
by mwebb9413
Hello all,

I have a graphics philosophy dilemma here. All the graphics used by me and my clients are 30 fps, but they are being put into broadcast situations where the cameras and everything else are running at 60 fps. Is there any benefit to using 60 fps out of resolume if my videos are only 30 fps? Or am I just wasting CPU power?

Thank you for your insights!

Re: 60 fps composition for 30 fps graphics?

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 17:44
by visions
I use 30fps videos too, but also there are some clear benefits in using 60fps composition: effects and everything works at 60 fps so if you use a couple of them all shows in a more "fluid" way. Also I adjust speed of videos in order to adapt them to mood, music, etc. Also I use some of them in bpm mode, so if you have a clip that has 15 frames / beat at 120bpm, when bpm increases to 130 the benefits of using 60fps composition will be noted with a naked eye ;)
I had to limit it to 30fps in a hard situation when gpu temperature turned hot in excess working at 4k at sunlight in a hot summer day.