Spouts suddenly stopped and turn grey

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Spouts suddenly stopped and turn grey

Post by rgbazd »

Howdy, I started using Resolume a week ago, is amazing! But run into a problem :(

I created a setup where I use Spout to both, create "crop" Windows within Resolume and to bring in image from Touch designer. It worked like a charm until I started replicating columns of the setup, multiple times, to allow different images and clip settings.

Some questions:
1) Is there a limit to how many Spouts can be present in a deck. Currently I have 4 internal and 3 from touchdesigner, per column and this column duplicated about 200 times. It worked for a while, then suddenly it stopped. And all Spouts went grey.

2)I never installed Spout, so does it come with Resolume's installation??

Any thoughts why the above might have stopped working?


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Re: Spouts suddenly stopped and turn grey

Post by Zoltán »

There is no limit on how many spout clips you can have in Resolume.

Spout doesn't need to be installed separately, but it can be handy to have to set specific options, like the share mode.
In the SpoutSettings.exe, you can set a maximum number of senders, which is set to 10 by default it seems.
Try installing the spout bundle and check the settings: https://spout.zeal.co/
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