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Post by bart »

known issues so far:
- multiple output screens do not go fullscreen (windowed does work)
- when changing the layer order the chaos is confused


Post by Trunx_ »

can't run an input on the ATI rage theatre capture card at the same time as having the output window fullscreened on the s-video out on the ati rage theatre card. Desn't work windowed either


Post by Trunx_ »

hold on, alteration to that, got it working windowed, but now resolume performs an illegal operation shortly afterwards.


Post by Trunx_ »

there seems to be a fair amount of points where Resolume just crashes out for me.


Post by metaprofessor_ »

fter ten mins. use (hardly a real test) i notice that when i load my indeo 5.1 clips into a deck, no thumbnails are generated. it's just black. is there a change i don't know about regarding thumbnails?


Post by cat_ »

Yup to the thumbnails,
Toggle reverse ( ) doesnt work, it changes the direction in the deck but doesnt affect it in the layer
In fact preferences haven't been saved either, I saved a deck after changing things too, just in case. this happened to key prefs, folders in the freeframe section, and things put into folders.
Ive also had clip length not being displayed correctly in the Layer section (still OK in the Deck) and loops only playing that section, this happened after a while with old decks, so I dont know if thats an issue or not.
Got a USB and Firewire in going at the same time though, which was nice.


Post by videoteque_ »

I have several fatal problems... ;-)

I can't see any video, nor preview it. I have all my files encoded in Indeo 5.11 I am downloading the last DirectX version.....

Resolume can't create a double screen setup. I choose my parameters, click Apply and get absolutely ignored...

Thumbnails doesn't refresh when I add an effect. The thumbnail dissapear.

My Resolume is like in pause, videos don't play...


Post by pifco_ »

have lost a whole folder of clips which are encoded exactly like all the others.
can see preview but no thumbnails after dragging and unable to play them.



Post by DinkyToys_ »

When you apply Tile filter with audio synchro it locks the whole program :P


Post by barny_ »

probably a bug?

my longer mjpeg clips only play round about 3seconds, till timeline "100"???????

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