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Post by SuperficiaL_ »

Hi guys,

maybe a processor isue?
no hypertreading on djdiego's machine?
since it doesnt use "both" processors maybe the other app uses the "2nd" processor?



Post by SuperficiaL_ »

ah by the way,

ive got one minor bug.
i think its a focussing issue.
when u double click a movie file in the "files" it loads in the focussed slot, but when u click an empty slot and double click a file in the "files" it goes to the formerly focussed slot. when u right click an empty slot it works.

keep up the good work guys!


Post by rayse_ »

i have pb when with midi controller i put 100 % with the fader and
the image is not at 100% on the screen (98% i think)but with the mouse yes
and there is bug with the "defilement" in french of the layers. there is not the reality of the movie lengh

this soft is fantastic. thanks for this works. now we can do the painter with movie.


Post by kalinka_ »

my output also freezes when switching to another app, eg. winamp. but lately the output (which was displayed fullscreen on my tv thru tvout) started "moving" again after a while...
2.4 GHz, no hyperthreading at my pc :(


Post by stef_ »

Just gave the fresh baby a try... confusing at first, but then the multi deck thing is fantastic, still have to spend more time to get used to it, another great work from the Resolume crew!
a few things though, the timeline first, doesn't always show a proportional scale and progress until say 100 and stop until the end of the clip and back to the clip beginning point and on.. makes it really hard to put in/out if the in/out is on the part not showing ont he timeline, some of my flash files tends to be cut 10% into it and back to the beginning...screwing most of my loops in the process....
No more Deck preview available or am i doing something wrong?
Plus i did crash it a few times in just a few hours use... didn't happenned much with 1.5... but hey the output quality is better.
Can't wait to get an update to use it to its full capacity.
As all important upgrade there is some bugs..nevertheless an even greater VJ program for us, thanks guys!

stef ;)

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Post by t3RRORbit_ »

this are the problems i noticed, my resolume didnt crash on my laptop with mobility 9000 but

in 1024 there is no global-effekt on/off button, on widthscreen it is

no preview of decks-> no de/selection for special clips availible


Post by nz_ »

Some of my findings, perhaps double;

Some ligos indeo XP 5.2 files don't play, they do preview though?!

Effect parameters active channel. don't react (midi) on selection, when viewing propeties it does work, but that's insane ;) update of preview is also corrupted.

Scrolling in directory's doesn't work!

400x300 processing, 640x480 output seems to crop the image somewhat (seems 640x400)

Lots of freeframe plugs seem to be instable.

a small list, great update, when will a new beta be out? Seems wise to let the users do another test-run :)


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Post by edwin »

right click the button to remove the effect will set it to non-active. we didn't create enough space for the extra button.


Post by vjBrye_ »

First off, great job on the new release!!! I'm already addicted to many of the improvements over 1.51! And that is why I hope the following bug can be resolved.

I can't load many of my avi clips into any channels. Filesize, codec (midivid, indeo), resolution doesn't seem to matter one bit. Many of these clips were created at the same time and are located in the same folder as others that do work. Whatever the problem is, it seems related to the filename, as when the offending clips are renamed, they become usable, without restarting Resolume, after I refresh the directory to reflect the file name change.

It seems this bug would have a simple fix... any ideas guys?

Another issue I'm having, and maybe I'm missing something, is I have yet to see the clip preview. I click the little eye box, and it highlights, but no clip previews to be found. Not even a space for where the preview window should appear. According to the manual, it should appear at the bottom of the browser pane. I would be lost if it weren't for the thumbnails (very nice).

Some other minor problems I've experienced include: video layer playback lag while quickly scrolling through the file list in the browser (with thumbnail active; generating thumbnails?)
Some problem with some effects, for instance, zoom on an avi failed to reflect any changes in playback even though the effect seemed to be applied and the channel preview thumb reflected the changes (I just tried this again and now it worked so....)
Sometimes pulldown menus don't allow enough time to make a selection after pulling the menu down (in screen setup for example). This happened after right clicking the preview screen.

I am running xp on a dual 2ghz mp/1gig ram/ati rad 9700 pro.

ps: people please help bart & edwin out!! Fix your typos and give more info! I didn't understand half the posts on this thread!!!


Post by vjBrye_ »

Bug update! :)

I seem to have resolved the problem I reported in my previous post regarding the inability to play some of my avi's. I nosed around in the resolume 2.0 program folder and found a folder called "previews". It seems clearing out the files in this folder allowed me to play my problem clips (I moved all the files out of that folder into a temporary folder I created, just in case it didn't work, I could replace them)

This problem may have been created becuase I very recently (since I first ran 2.0) moved most of my clips to new directories while reorganizing. Could I be right about this? Could the preview files contain file location information that was no longer accurate, causing this bug?

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