resolume 2.0 beta: post your bugs here

Post your questions here and we'll all try to help.

Post by jmode_ »

two things i'd like to mention:

beta 2 is not working with G450 / G550 matrox dvd-max. :(
the effect-pattern 1, 2, 3 for global effects cannot be toggled via midi...

keep up the good work


Post by G_ »

i can not play flash in resolume2beta!!!
you shoul fix this!


Post by ninjaturtle_ »

G, Flash is working for most other user, so I guess you will have to fix that problem by yourself...
have you checked on your installed flash version?
have u installed the flashplayer?
reinstall it and then try playing flashs again...

i have no problems in playing flashs at all...

good luck,


Post by ninjaturtle_ »

JUST ANOTHER BUG (which really bugs me man!)

when i am adjusting the in and out points via MIDI (knobs of my PCR 50), they are not saved, which means that when triggering the clip again it will start from the former in point.
in and out points seem only to be saved when adjusted via mouse drag and drop (the keyboard shortcuts I & O doesn#t seem to work at all).

its so much fun to play around with resolume 2, but everytime i discover a bug, it makes it harder to decide to buy the prog....
hope, the next version will be less buggy....



Post by zambari_ »

Testing beta 2.0, very bad behavior in background on my laptop. Sometimes parts of the interface remain on screen, often the preview window still on top of everything, but the worse thing is that there's no cpu power left - task manager showed up after like 3 mins after (ctrl+alt+del) was pressed, just to kill resolume one time, sometimes a bit better, still not good. seems ok on my second computer.


Post by denisb_ »

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I used the 2.0beta for parts of a show this weekend, and had an annoying bug with the property "continue" on clips not working.
I changed the property from "start over" to "continue" (play mode) but that did not work as expected and I had to go back to using 1.5 for the remainder of the night.


Post by Rapunzel_ »

dvd max not work?


Post by Nuria_ »

hi, i tried the beta version 2, and i cant find the difference filter button on the layers panel. there are new buttons but not this, which is a loss.
i tried to proyect the second screen to s video and it didn't work. can you xplain how to work succesfully with the dual monitor setup?

besides this and all bugs here posted, resolume rocks!


Post by DoofBoy_ »

version beta 2 is pretty good , the output to projector is fine although, I can not see the preview window on my screen...(works fine when using version 1.5)
Anyone had this problem ?


Post by siliconmana_ »

Bug or me?
1. I have a problem where an active channel that's playing will go black. The scroll bar indicates it's still playing, but nothing is coming up.
2. Cannot get 2nd monitor to go fullscreen!
This is a BIG problem for live performance. Am not sure if it is Resolume or my video drivers. I'm using a GeForce 4200 Go on a 8500 Dell Inspiron.
Any advice on these issues would be much appreciated.

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