tip : fix quicktime import problem

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tip : fix quicktime import problem

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Hi guys,

if you can't import *.mov and have a white screen or nothing instead, try this :

install "quicktime alternative" instead of Apple Quicktime (remove it first). That's it, and it works well (at least for me).

"quicktime alternative" originaly replaces quicktime with directshow filters, in order to watch movs into mplayer.

I let you search for the soft link... it's easy to find.

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quicktime alternative link

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does\'t work for me

Post by Danger »

i already try it more than once and never work :(
can anyone tell me why ?
i try it on a fresh windowz installation

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Post by SuperficiaL »


is the quiktime movie streaming?
because if it is it wont play in resolume....
if u have streaming video which can't be "saved as" try a screen capture app like "SnagIt" which lets you record anything to avi...
normal quiktime movies should play in resolume if u have quiktime installed (and do not close it in the system tray)...

greetz SuperficiaL

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Post by edwin »

we are working on native quicktime playback in resolume. right now we use directshow for this, wich doesn't work really well i must say.
so in the future we will use quicktime for this and even streaming quicktimes won't be a problem.



Post by Anonymous »

;) It'd be great !

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