Recording problems

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Recording problems

Post by Anonymous »

my problem is I cant record with resolume. Sure it records the video that Im running but when Im trying to view that video its just black.

I tried to watch recorded video with every video playback application i have and nothing happens. Timeline is moving and everything but its black.
Any idea whats my problem? Or is this just a limitation of a trial version?

Thanks for replys if you got any.


Post by Anonymous »

Huh i forgot.. the problem is with both 151 and 2.0 beta 2.

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Post by AlexEtJeremy »

When you record your mix, can you find any video file on your HDD ?
you can choose the path in Resolume 2.
Have a look.
-> if you have the video on your HDD can you open it ?
-> what is your OS ?

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Post by edwin »

1- we never thought that people would use the Record function to record such long clips.
so we never took care of the 4gb size limit.
we will put this on the bug list. i can't give you a workaround, maybe someone else has suggestions.

2 - in default chaos does not switch between decks, right click the chaos button to set wich decks you want to be switched.


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