Freeframe-fx letters 'live feed' in output / Webcam

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Freeframe-fx letters \'live feed\' in output / Webcam

Post by Anonymous »

For Resolume II beta 2

I am using some new freeframe plugins, (some timeslice stuff, also others)
I am using a webcam wit the effect and:

It seems that if I want to change a value, the output image shows the words 'Live Feed - webcam 320 blablabla) The effects work, but this text is visible in the output when moving the sliders. ( or is it only in the lowres output? I never use dvd max - I just have an 2.8 ghz laptop with normal graph.card)

In Resolume 1 it was clear to see which cam is used, and it makes a thumnail of the first captured image/frame . But now in - Resolume 2 beta 2 - the Cams/ live feeds are only shown in 'words' by name. Can I change this or is it a bug in the Beta version?

Fot the devolopers - I think it is worthwhile to make two or three (web)cam 'locations' because it is very buggy now, sometimes it happens that I accidently drag a movieclip into my Webcam library frame, the webcam (which is also on one mix-channel) will stop/ crash (and burn) and than one of the three mixchannels is out (permanent, till restart of the program - If there where three places reserved for the cams only- it will be safer working I guess! Or does someone know how to avoid it?


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Post by SuperficiaL »

maybe u can drag the cams to another deck? like the first from the right and name it cams?

greetz SuperficiaL

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same prob...

Post by dizzgo »

i've got sometimes the same prob like our anonymous friend. with some effects i see the text...

whats about the idea to create a seperate channel for the live feed, and dont put in into a regular deck?

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