DXV codec(s)

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Re: DXV codec(s)

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My experience with MPEGStreamclip included generating unreasonably large files that didn't play. My assumption is that it is a broken implementation.

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Re: DXV codec(s)

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Sorry, missed the threat. Actually I`m using sorenson squeeze. Years ago I've used gv procoder and telestream episode. I think every good trancoding app have batch process these days. Those I mention have it from long time. Never liked ame, seems to be a pretty limited tool to me (taked ten years to add a stitch function). I use it because is always there near your hand, but never trusted too much on that app. :lol:

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Re: DXV codec(s)

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Arvol wrote: I guess my next questions (which I think I know the answer to) is: Is there a non DXV codec that plays better than others? Out of all the non DXV codecs, is there a codec and wrapper that gives better performance on playback than the rest?
I have had luck using the HAP codec.

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