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Color palette input

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2020 23:05
by Grandmaster2000
there are actually two questions:
A lot of times there is a color input in the sources and effects shipped with Resolume 7 I can chose a color from a color palette and even animate the palette.
When I create a plugin I can create rgb inputs but I searched for a few hours and didn't find a way to create an input like that. So is there a way to create a color input like that from the default sources/effects?

If this is possible is it also possible to get a whole color palette as an input so that I can do something like randomizing colors based on the palette for parts of my source/effect?

Re: Color palette input

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 15:58
by Zoltán
Check out the gradients example here for the color input. ... /Gradients

Not really sure about the palette.