Quartz Composer Tutorials?

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Quartz Composer Tutorials?

Post by daxx »


Resolume Avenue 3.2 is released today, one of the great improvements is that from now on it can play Quartz Composer files.

Does someone got a good tutorial where I can learn the basics necessary for making VJ related compositions in Quartz?

Does anyone know if there are good places to download Quartz files which are suitable for vj'ing

grtz and tnx!

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Re: Quartz Composer Tutorials?

Post by bart »

Checkout http://www.hybridvisuals.nl/category/tutorials/ for some very helpful QC tuts by Joris.

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Re: Quartz Composer Tutorials?

Post by Joris »

Particularly http://www.hybridvisuals.nl/tutorials/double-helix/ is a good one to start with.


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Re: Quartz Composer Tutorials?

Post by Toxic_Screen »

I also find very useful, as a beginner, the Quartz Composer's articles in Apple webpage:

http://developer.apple.com/mac/articles ... opard.html

Thank you Resolume team for that new feature!!

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