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FFGL, OSC, GLSL. If you like abbreviations, this is the forum for you
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Welcome to the developers forum

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If you have any questions about programming Flash animations, Quartz Compositions or FreeFrame plugins for Resolume then please do so in this section of the forum.

Checkout the Flash examples in the media folder of Resolume.
MAC: /Applications/Resolume Avenue 3.X.X/media/flash/
PC: /Program Files/Resolume Avenue 3.X.X/media/flash/

And to read all the details about creating Flash movies for Resolume please refer to the Flash chapter of the manual:

Quartz Composer
Checkout the Quartz Composer example patches made by Joris in the media folder of Resolume.
MAC only: /Applications/Resolume Avenue 3.X.X/media/quartz composer/

And to read all the details about the exposing parameters for Resolume in QC patches then checkout the Quartz Composer chapter in the manual:

FreeFrameGL 1.5 Plugins
If you have some experience writing openGL graphics in C++ then you can write effects and source plugins for Resolume using the FreeFrame plugin standard. For all the details and to download the SDK with sample code see the freeframe.org website.

To make this a bit easier we have also written an addon for openFrameworks so you can compile plugins with OF and use all the available addons for OF in your plugins. Download the addon from Google Code.