quartz input publishing / trackpad

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quartz input publishing / trackpad

Post by premiermalvado »

I have read, watched videos, made some of my own, and have been tweaking some quartz compositions to react to sound for my presentations.

i can publish now inputs of my compositions so they can be transformed through avenue, but they have been simple parameters, as size of a particle, etc.

i want to go a step further, but i havent had the time to do more research.... my question is:

can the mouse movement/clicks or trackpad be published as well to be used within resolume ???? my goal is to at some point use an external touch controler (i.e ipad) to draw in a QC composition that is running inside avenue.

my ispiration came from this QC code

http://www.topbillinmusic.com/downloads ... p_Code.zip by Aku Meriläinen

a simple YES will be enough for me so i can get deep into research and work.

sorry about my esl skills.

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Re: quartz input publishing / trackpad

Post by Joris »

YES ;-)

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