Receiving FugStream

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Receiving FugStream

Post by smcinema »

I've been at this for hours now and have hardly got anywhere. How do you make the FugStream plugin available on Resolume? I've seen so many topics with people talking about using it, but I can't find a single set of basic instructions to say how to get FugStream in Resolume.

I've successfully got FugStream running in vvvv, with both a send and receive patches working perfectly, so I know FugStream is streaming properly. I tried just copying the same .dll files from the FugStream .zip in to a new folder in the Resolume directory and directed Resolume to look there for plugins, to no avail.

What am I supposed to do?


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Re: Receiving FugStream

Post by edwin »

Is believe the FugStream plugins are FreeFrame 1 plugins and are not OpenGL based (FFGL) so they will never work in version 3 or higher. Only Resolume 2 supports the older format. Please contact the developers and ask wether they are interested in building FFGL based plugins.

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