Type and Resolume - Flash, Quartz or Processing?

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Type and Resolume - Flash, Quartz or Processing?

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Hi guys,
I'm quite new to this so forgive me if this is blindingly easy!
I'm a Graphic Communication student currently making a musical keyboard that writes like a qwerty, if that makes sense. Generally I'm using a MIDI keyboard and mapping it in Resolume, the only problem I have is that at the moment Resolume just shows one letter at a time when what I really want is it to write a sentence - is this possible?

I've managed to work out in processing how to make something close to notepad but that's without key mapping, that's just basically using the keyboard on my laptop as is.

Is there anyway to do this? I think resolume is the right program for the end product due to it's visual capabilities which will make it slightly more interesting than just loading up MSword or something along those lines.

Thanks for your time, sorry if this is in the wrong forum this seemed like the right place to pop this thread.

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