Just a general 'Thank You'

Just let it all out, buddy. You're among friends here.
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Just a general 'Thank You'

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Dear Resolume team & community,

I just wanted to give you all a huge thank you. I'm consistently blown away by the support and engagement by the devs on this site. Every update surprises me with new features to play with and every glitch I encounter seems to be patched before I even have a chance to complain. And it seems every programing problem I have can be solved by a search on the forums here. Whenever I load into a theatre that requires that I use Watchout or Isadora I'm quickly reminded how special this community is. Now that I'm teaching on my off season I'm hopefully spreading the Gospel of Resolume to future designers. Thank you all for your continuing passion and dedication.

David Murakami
Projection Designer, Film Director, & Adjunct Faculty at UC Irvine

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Re: Just a general 'Thank You'

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Thank you so much for your compliments to our team David, it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside :-)

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