Using Midi from an Ableton's Drumrack and External FFT

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Using Midi from an Ableton's Drumrack and External FFT

Post by AndreGM »

Hi guys!
I've recently started using with Resolume along with Ableton but I'm not sure how the clip composition works when 2 different scenarios are happing at the same time. I'll explain.

So my idea is to have Resolume receive midi notes from a Live's Drumrack so that each time a drum sample is triggered in Live it will fire the respective videoclip.

For all the other sounds that are not beat related i'll use the External FFT which I would divide for this example in 3 bands: Bass, Mids, Highs.

I've already tried both approaches separatly and got everything to work, but when I try to use both methods at the same time things get tricky.

So the first question is:
Should I have different compositions, like one for the beat, one for bass, mids, highs
Should everything be on the same composition?

Ideally it would be better to have things separated because in drums for example I'm triggering 32 midi notes and for visual help I've mapped everything the same way it appears on Live's drumrack, so 2 groups of 4x4.

Then on another composition, let's take the Bass from example, I would have a bunch of clips to choose from with only receive External FFT.

Is it possible to have a clip from one composition always playing even when you change to a different composition?


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Re: Using Midi from an Ableton's Drumrack and External FFT

Post by Zoltán »

You should have every clip you'd like to play in one composition.
Clips can't be kept played switching from one composition to another, but you can use Decks to manage your different content:
Switching decks, you can keep clips from one deck playing.
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