Controlling Arena from TouchDesigner UI - VJ TOOL Online Workshop

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Controlling Arena from TouchDesigner UI - VJ TOOL Online Workshop

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The Example from the upcoming Online VJ Workshop is showing how we can use the logic and interface creation possibility of TouchDesigner to control movie playback in Resolume and create soundreactive mix with GLSL effects.

Early bird Tickets are available till 15th of February at

phpBB [video]

This full VJ workshop aims to guide you to enter the live video field and give you the theoretical and technical tools to develop your own live visual project with TouchDesigner.

During the course you will learn to create VJ system with the auto-mixing function, that can play original content for more than 12 hours in standalone mode.

The workshop is for beginners as well as intermediate and video-artists that want to improve their skills, experiment new tools and develop VJ software with easy to use interface in TouchDesigner environment.

We will cover the approach to make the VJ system working completely standalone as an installation as well as the Interactive VJ tool with User Interface.

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