Can each effect listen to it's own soundtrack?

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Can each effect listen to it's own soundtrack?

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I want to run a audio visualizer, but I get a lot of bleed-over from surrounding frequencies. Adjusting the horizontal sliders in the spectrum graph partially helps, but what I really want is to isolate individual instruments (taken from each studio track) to an effect, so the song plays normally, but I have complete control of each instrument controlling each effect playing within the whole of the piece.

Think bass or guitar ONLY driving an effect. Clean. No other instruments leaking in. Much less distortion/flash.

So the song sounds normal, but you could really emphasize a particular note or effect/instrument.

Having our own studio tracks we can deal with individually driving many effects all playing one song is the goal.

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Re: Can each effect listen to it's own soundtrack?

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Nope audio in with multiple tracks is not supported at the moment..
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