How to organize "Extra Effects" in the "the Source" tab?

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How to organize "Extra Effects" in the "the Source" tab?

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I'm new to Resolume. I have a background in lighting and have worked with Magic Music Visuals, which is great but has a different layout. ( I'm not trying to engage in a comparison.)

I found how to paste shaders into the "Extra Effects" folder found in Documents in Windows but the folder hierarchy is ignored when I view them in the "Source" tab. I don't see any folders but only the effect names. I would rather that they were nested & expandable like the other effects.

Is it possible to do that? To add folders to the source tab and organize your "Extra Effects" according to your folders?

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Re: How to organize "Extra Effects" in the "the Source" tab?

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Would be great to have more options to organize effects indeed.
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