Appreciation for Zoltan and the Resolume Team

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Appreciation for Zoltan and the Resolume Team

Post by Film35HD »

I just purchased my first Arena license.

After having positive exchanges here on the Forum, with a very special shout-out to Zoltan (who went 'beyond-the-call' in trying to solve my special task challenges in using Arena not what it was intended for – but instead as an inexpensive 'playout server' for multiple camera angles in movies/tv raw footage) ... I want to give many words of praise and appreciation for the untypical, almost-immediate responses from the Resolute team and its user community at large.

The helpful interactions here on the Forum remind me of when I first coded software – 15 years before there was an Internet and there were only dial-up BBS: Bulletin Board Systems – and people from around the world who were so unique (and visionary) because they were ahead of the general public in having a computer in their home and communicating with outsiders. In those days, it was rare to get a picture attached to forum posts (there was no .jpg compression yet), not to mention audio or video; if you had a modem that was 2,400 BAUD, you were king of the block (and if you had a 10 MB hard drive which cost $8,000 on a 4 MHz CPU computer; typical modems were 600 or 1200 baud [watch the 1983 movie "War Games"]).

I look forward to watching the community here grow! Thank you all so much, and thank you Zoltan! :D

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Re: Appreciation for Zoltan and the Resolume Team

Post by Zoltán »

You're welcome, happy to help! :)
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Re: Appreciation for Zoltan and the Resolume Team

Post by bart »

Thank you for your kind words Film35HD :-) Welcome to the Resolume Family!

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