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Pixelmap Generator

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 12:52
by TraitorV
Hi people.

I've created little pixelmap generator.

You can check it out here

Will be glad to have some feedback and hope it will be usefull for everybody.

Re: Pixelmap Generator

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 14:07
by He2neg
Apps like this are allready there, so far it works fine for me and has all the settings I need.

Some nice things to improve:
  • Make the Font (in the max) only as big as the screen. So it dont overlap

    Lable the screens with Numbers so there are (default) are Screen1 / screen2 and so on....

    Would be nice if the drag´n´drop funktion allso applys to the Off-set Values on the right.

    Add a "Start new Pixle Map" button to the main scree. It took me 5 sec to start a new one but its hidden in the menu and this dont have to be ;)

    Place the Pixel Offset Information in the Top Left corner becouse this is the thing you are telling us.

    Maybe add the posibility to change the offset from starting top left to start in the middle (like resolum does ;))