I seek to pay for training

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I seek to pay for training

Post by umaumalomo »

Hello there, I create content for a showroom owned by the 5G Company here in Mexico.

The showroom is basically a room with lots of led screens (different sizes) and the content that I create is made in After Effects as the final editor (we try to use MP4 format because of the weight).

My boss is asking me to post this here and look for someone who is interested in training me and my crew to further understand how to use the program and fix the problems that we have been facing!
I hope that you find this of interest and that I can find someone who can help us grow!

Please contact me through here:
or my personal Email: umaumalomo@gmail.com

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Re: I seek to pay for training

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Actually, video training is free https://resolume.com/training

Perhaps watch those and then ask for what you might need more clarification on. More than willing to help, but I think their classes are very complete.
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