Resolume 5 Output Restriction

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Resolume 5 Output Restriction

Post by BruttelMedia »

Hello guys,

sorry If I choose the wrong topic of this forum but I think you probably can anser it.

I got Resolume 5 and I want to put on

Layer 4 (Screen (1920x1080)
Layer 1-3 (Pixel Strip Tunnel 1,2 and3)

Is it possible to say: everything on Layer 1-3 is only going to the specific Output?
I want only what is coming to Layer 4 to go to the Screen and not to the Pixel Strips aswell..

Does someone got an Idea?
Thanks a lot

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Re: Resolume 5 Output Restriction

Post by He2neg »

Sure its called "mapping" ;)

There are multiple ways to reach what you want.

Do you use Arena or Avenue?

You can dubble your composition and move layer 1-3 to lthe left and layer 4 to the right ;)

you also can do something with bypass (layer) / ignore bypass (slice )
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Re: Resolume 5 Output Restriction

Post by Arvol »

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