Resolume Update?

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Post by Jesse_ »

Any planned updates soon?

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Post by edwin »

any planned money transfers to our Resolume account yet? ;-)

we are working on some issues especially according to speed problems, so yes we are working on an update but it's hard to say when it will be released..


Post by Jesse_ »

I'm planning on purchasing resolume when a couple key features are added... :) so yes, there are planned money transfers....

:: jesse

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Post by bart »

what key features are you referring to??


Post by Jesse_ »

MIDI is still inoperational for me (I've sent you emails and am waiting on a response.) I would like to see better deck implementation, and I could like to see the addition of a couple of effects.


MIDI is my main issue right now - Once I get that working, I will most likely purchase a copy.


Post by Genoflex_ »

Yes, I agree... I also plan to purchase it but the Midi feature do not work efficiently: I need to be able to assign one video channel to "the melody" played by notes, and on the other hand to be able to modify another channel with controller or mouse (select another sample, move the playback head, modify the effects, and so one) without being disrupted by the changing midi note wich now is active on the selected channel... we should be able to assign one precise channel and not "the selected channel" for the midi notes ... and the deck implementation is also to be reviewed (but less important to my point of view)

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