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I linked my atari stacey to resolume and everything's very nice but I can't use more than one layers...is this normal or is it because of my fucked up system?...

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Post by bart »

what exactly do you mean by can't use more than one layer? you can't select a laying with midi? like you do with the keyboard? or you can't even click a different layer with the mouse? or ... ?


Post by airafrique_ »

I can't click another layer with the mouse and I can't command it with midi,,,,
I don't think that it's because of resolume but because of my pc which isn't strong enough with graphic acceleration... and I know resolume only since three days, I mean I'm jamming on the demo version,,, does the real version features more possibilities ?
How do I change the midi settings, for example to just trigger a loop and not trigger the different channels? ....Respect for those guys which programmed this software...

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