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Post by pixeltakt_ »

first of all: good job ! i´m gettin´ addicted to
that prog by and by ;-)

but to make the good job a perfect one (for me), i think you should implement:
- beat detection
- the possibility of a playing (!) preview in the deck-channels or in the layer channels when it is set to 0 opacity (incl. on/off button)
reason: if you manually synchronize your footage to the music it is "shown to the audience" - i prefer to shoot prepared (synchronized) looping or bouncing footage
to the masses

another question i have is:
everytime i add/change a clip to/in a layer
the whole presentation pauses for a short time - is this a known "bug" or does it depend on the system i use ??

thanx a lot



Post by jesse_ »

I'd love to see those features as well and my system does the pause when loading putting a new clip into a layer as well. I don't believe it's my system... I've got a :

1.2 Ghz Athalon in an MSI K-7T Raid Mobo
1 Gig Ram
100 Gig Western Digital Drive, 75 Gig IBM Drive
CDRW and DVD Drives
Windows 98se
ATI 32 Meg Radeon All-In-Wonder AGP Video Card
Matrox G200 8 Meg PCI Secondary Video Card
FireWire, Ethernet
SoundBlaster LIVE Sound Card

:: jesse

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