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I have a couple of projects, related to contemporary dance, where I need a particular video effect : that "effect" has been invented by the artist Dan Graham in the '70s with simple (but "deconstructed") video equipment in a video installation. It consist "simply" in "delaying" the display of live filmed images. you put a camera wich is sending the video to the "effect station" wich retain the images for some seconds and then display it on a screen. there is then a "time leap" impression (you see yourselve a few second in the past) ...
do you think that could be implemented in Resolume in some way?? do you know about other piece of software capable to do such thing??

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we are not realy focussing on effects now but it sounds like a very interesting effect ... we have already found a way to greatly improve the live video playback and support for more devices (also non VFW) so we will look into this effect ...

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