slow down with many active channel

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problem when i set a good speed for one channel i must make a new setting when i put a second channel . bader if i put the third channel. and the movement is no more quick
thanx for all you made a great job
mi dream for a vj software .something like fruity loops but for video...

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Post by bart »

yes with the release of version 1.1 we hope to make some speed improvements ... we love fruity loops to0 ;-)


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Hum, I recently bought an AMD Athlon 1600+ XP and..... wow... whooohoooo ... no more speed problem .... except some slow down noticeable while running tracks at more than 25 f/s and adding tracks but.... all going smooth and fast now!!!

suggestion : you should concider to make some parameter adjustable to fix that "slowing down" thing... I mean : try some test stuff first that kan give you an advice on how much your computer is fast to play the whole and be able to set the playback speed not in absolute value but comparatively to the computing power so when you put one track only at "speed" 100 it do not play at 100fr/s but at the maximum speed it will play if their is more than one track, so that when you add another track you're still at te same playback speed and do not miss the beat for the first track you set up...

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Post by edwin »

genoflex: of course you have a point here..
the whole problem of this kind of software is that you have to cope with different layers at different speeds unlike a normal game where the scene is just rendered as much times as possible and speed stays the same. We will have to find a way of dropping the render fps instead of the speed of the movies (animations).
So right now we are doing some testing and we try to make an smart algorithmen what will try to play the movies always at the correct speed but drops the fps when needed.
hopefully then you won't miss the beat anymore ....

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