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now i'm doing all my mix with resolume, so fast, so intuitive, i'll buy it real soon, promise :) i think that, at this level of perfection, more customizations (on the 'general options' panel) would be welcome to help doing things even faster. i've gather a few ideas:

1) when you load a new clip it always has the same properties, 'loop' and 'start over'. since i set almost all my clips as 'bounce', it would be nice if i could choose the default property.

2) for the effect generator that we play on the output window, it would be cool if there was another mode for keys that would keep the effect only while the key is pressed. when i want to do a quick flash using the 'invert' effect, i always have to press the key 2 times :P

3) a default speed for the clips would be nice too. right now it's always 25 but i'd like to change it sometimes.

well that's all for now :) good luck!


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Post by bart »

yes we get this question a lot more and we think customizabillity is very important so more preferences commin' up!

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