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for long time ,i search a good vj software and resolume appears to be the nearest from my needing, it's the right way i want to control my media but it need many more function (and i'm not alone)
-a "deck" like after effect where we put our media and whedre we can apply a track and some basic deformation .(you can make some preset for the track that you can drop on the active channel). some track could be sync with the sound
-a video synthetizer like milkdrop (amazing winamp plug in)with many variable setup in real time with a midi control with sinc to sound (really cool stuff you can make your own preset.
-an autopilot system not like Kaos more like a rythm box for video with a time line (like fruity loops) with many features. with a sytem where you could alternate easily between improvisation an preset on timeline.
-some remix plug-in :why two different plug in for zoom in zoom out .togheter in only one much better.
and ever the same request :increase the quality and the speed and an independant speed setup of each active channel with midi control.
so good work guy.
can you tell us little more how you imaginate your future software.and little more about you guys.....:)


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Yeah, I was going to ask about that, you devided certain filters in 2, for instance one for darkening the image, and another for brightening. Would be a lot more convenient if it were 1 slider from black to white?

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