i just tested RamDisk xp pro

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i just tested RamDisk xp pro

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after trying superspeed software's ramdisk xp pro for intel processors, i can say with certainty that having resolume load the clips to RAM would be 100x's better than using the disk continuously.

i've been using a 120 GB western digital special edition hooked up to USB 2.0 on my laptop (not exactly slow!), and it still seems to lag when i run resoume 2.0. when i tested with ramdisk everything was faster.

the problem with ramdisk for me is that i have 5 GB's of indeo avi clips, and there is no way in hell i'm going to fit that in RAM! if i was to try doing a gig with ramdisk i would have to keep transfering and deleting from the WD to RAM - which isn't all that fun.

the solution is clearly to have resolume cache the clips in RAM!!! consider that a request to bart and edwin for the future of resolume.

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I totally agree with you, you can see my post on this there : http://www.resolume.com/discussion/index.php

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