Output as AAF file (for further edit in premiere/fcp/ae..)

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Output as AAF file (for further edit in premiere/fcp/ae..)

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Hi guys

As my system was never fast enough for the recording function of Resolume, and recording on an external HD recorder turned out to be somewhat arduous, here is another beautiful(;)) idea:
Save all user actions (i.e. clip started, fades, layer arrangements) continously in an AAF file! This file could be opened later in your favorite editing app - Adobe software or Final Cut or Avid tools - where you can fine-tune your work and render the result in a high quality codec. You could even auto-replace your dxv files by high res/high quality versions (i.e. pro res versions of your files).

I think that would open a whole box of possibilities. Think of producing high res demos of your work, doing quick sketchy mixes, try out conceptual ideas for edits for whatever project ... etc etc.

Wouldn't that be amazing?!

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Re: Output as AAF file (for further edit in premiere/fcp/ae.

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