Disable speed control preferance toggle

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Disable speed control preferance toggle

Post by jim »

I'm sure Joris will understand the idea from the subject, but I'll elaborate...

While playing back content with audio I have had dancers choreographed to the music I'm playing back, singers singing to the music I'm playing back and live instruments playing along the the audio I'm playing back. in all of these situations the last thing you want is any variation in the speed of the audio play back. it is quite easy to miss-click the global speed control and not realise you have changed the speed.

The most intuitive option would be another transport type like BPM, Timeline or Autonomous but I suspect the code might be fairly tricky hence the idea of just being able to disable speed control such as the 'Disable global effects & blend modes' toggle.

Obviously this isn't a A1 priority type feature it's just a little safeguard against human error, I have stuffed up this twice, once when I set up a show synced with abelton without realising global speed control was actually set fast. So when I right clicked to make sure it was set to zero... you can Imagine . The other time when dancers were synced to the playback and the promoter asked me to pull back the brightness, and I missed the master fade with my click...

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Re: Disable speed control preferance toggle

Post by Joris »

I think this would fall under the general discussion around locking (parts of) the interface. It's a hot topic, that we're still struggling with somewhat.

For this particular use case, maybe you can just hide the Layer Transport Controls via the View menu? This also hides the Comp Speed slider, so you can't accidentally click it.

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Re: Disable speed control preferance toggle

Post by Zoltán »

wouldn't be a numeric display on the slider be good (and easy) to see if it is at default position anyway?
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Re: Disable speed control preferance toggle

Post by He2neg »

a right click can make it sure you run on default ;)
or am i wrong with this ?
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