uhd/4k/2160p support?

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uhd/4k/2160p support?

Post by trifox »

hi all, i recently got an amazing 2160p uhd display

how can i upscale the edit-view a little, and downscale edit-render preview a little ?

because i dont want a fullhd sized preview window ;) at least i dont want nearly 2 fullhd views processed ( one of the true output and the one nearly reaching fullhd capacity in preview ... )

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Re: uhd/4k/2160p support?

Post by Joris »

We're working on better support for high-dpi screens.

In the meantime, don't worry about the size of the preview in regards to performance. The composition needs to be rendered anyway for output to the screens or to be further processed by the advanced output.

A copy of this is then scaled down for display in the interface, which is a pretty trivial thing to do. It makes little to no impact on performance.

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